1. It is said in only eight words.
  2. It requires only one course of action.
  3. It includes only two people.

The eight words? Psalm 46:10, BE-STILL-AND-KNOW-THAT-I-AM-GOD.  The course of action?  Be still. It literally means, “take your hands off, relax.”  In Hebrew, it means, “Enough!”  To be still and to know means: “Enough! Just acknowledge!”  Yet in the midst of trial, it is often the last thing we do (if at all).  Instead, we get panicky, impatient or depressed; become addicted to alcohol, caffeine, food or busyness; or take it out on our kids, our mate, our God.  It is only one course of action and we CAN start it today.  Stop right now and simply pray it if you mean it: “God, please help me be still and know that when life falls off the edge, YOU are still on your throne and I am still in your hands.”  Oh, and #3, the two people?  You and God.  In the midst of chaos, we often include everybody else and their opinions.  So amen for this verse, because it’s a command.  And the One commanding it is the One who loves us; and is plenty when our life is empty.  If God did not want us to be still and know Him, He would not have commanded it.  It is so important to Him because WE are so important to Him. Today, treasure these eight words in your heart, and have a great day being still in it!

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