It was 1991, my senior year in high school and the night of our Senior Banquet. A highly-anticipated night for the seniors, with lots of chatter and wonder as to who would be crowned Class of 91’s “best of,” “most likely,” “all-around” superlatives. Since my Dad’s family was generous enough to host the banquet at their restaurant, I was sure I’d get one of the more coveted superlatives. Especially since, for the last four years, I hadn’t been nominated, coroneted, elected or crowned for anything. As the president of our class emceed his way through the list of superlatives, he announced that a plastic pink telephone would be given to “Class-Gossip.” Then I heard my name, “Heather Funk,” echo across his mic, off the stage, to the ears and jeers of allllllll my peers. I’m pretty sure that night God also crowned me with, “Most Humbling Moment!” Segue please. It’s hard to be humble when you think you offer, have, deserve or are the best. It is hard, but it is right and not impossible. In the gospels, Jesus offered us the best–-eternal life–-but was humble enough to sacrifice himself for it. Jesus had the best–-Heaven–-but was humble enough to lower himself to Earth. Jesus was the best–-perfect–-but was humble enough to wash the imperfect feet of his friends. There are many hard-to-be-humble moments in my life, perhaps you have some too. Along comes something in our life that gives us a one-up on those around us. And it’s not that we take pride in it, it’s that we take pride too far. It was hard to be humble at that senior dinner; as I confess this, it’s hard to be proud! Proverbs 16:18 ❤️

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