A few years ago, I read “Conflict-Free Living” by Joyce Meyer. It slapped me senseless with its reality-check!  There was one chapter that dealt with people who will stop at nothing to be right. Until I read this chapter, it hadn’t occurred to me that Jesus did not do this.   Jesus WAS always right YET he was OK with letting people think He was WRONG. Love does that. On the cross…and in life.  If digging my proverbial proud-feet in the ground means I’ll win, but at a loss of inciting a shouting-match, invoking relational-bleeds, inflating my pride, or being a bad witness, I must ask: was it worth it?  Some things are worth fighting for, and some things are worth letting go. Jesus flawlessly knew the difference. And if He lives in me, I can know the difference too.  I don’t want to elaborate too much on this, because I still stink at it. But I’ll leave all of us with this golden nugget to consider: “Stay away from stupid and senseless arguments. These only lead to trouble, and God’s servants must not be troublemakers. “2 Timothy 2:23-24

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