Today I was reading about a guy Jesus healed. Normally, the healing would be the inspiration for a post.  But this time, it was something less noteworthy that inspired me:  “One of the men lying there had been sick for thirty-eight years. (John 5:5)  Thirty-eight years.  13,870 days. 332,880 hours.  Many of us have struggled or are struggling. What struck me about this man’s struggle is how long it lasted. What struck me even more was Jesus knew that.  I don’t know if this is going to encourage everyone, but I hope it encourages someone.  Your pain is not in vain. God didn’t forget about your struggle, get distracted by another’s, or lose track of the days you’ve struggled with it. The intersection of this man’s 38th year of struggle with the day Jesus was there to heal it, was planned and purposed with perfection.  I wonder if this man thought on the 13,869th day that he’d never be healed.  But the timing was perfect because Jesus Christ is perfect. If the perfect Savior is in your heart, the perfect Savior is in your struggle. Every. Hour of Every. Day. | This side of Heaven, we won’t always know the point of our pain.  But to some degree, I am comforted that it isn’t wasted. My pain (and your pain) isn’t in vain because we are in the risen hands of a Savior who’s hands had stakes crucify them.  Our pain isn’t in vain because our stories are His victories.


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