Mass shootings, hurricanes, earthquakes…all in a short span can make the most seasoned of Christ-follower doubt God. Today I was thinking about some of the greatest biblical heroes, who ironically doubted Christ too:  Zechariah (Luke 1), John (Matthew 11), Thomas (John 20), and a Dad with a convulsing child (Mark 5). I specifically chose these because these guys were actually with Jesus Christ.  They had faith by believing AND seeing! Yet doubted.  I think about the two criminals on each side of Jesus on their execution trees. One doubted Christ his whole life, but in his final moment, converted to faith and entered Heaven.  Why didn’t the other criminal? In his last breaths, he not only opted out of faith in Jesus, but doubted and mocked Him to his face.  A couple weeks ago, Pastor David did a message (, and said it’s OK to ask, “Why?”  Right now, in our world, it’s reasonable to doubt. There have been times I’ve doubted too. When I’ve fought the tempting voice of suicide, I’ve doubted God. God is life, my thoughts are anything but. “God? Are you there?”  But here’s what I know about my bouts of doubt: they’ve NEVER ran God off.  When He came into my heart, He came into my life, and all its doubts.  He’s not surprised, angry, or annoyed by my doubt. He can handle it. And it gives Him mighty miraculous moments to prove Himself faithful. I know you are living, and you might be doubting, but He’s still unconditionally loving–and never doubting–you.
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