This question (today’s title) hit me like a Redline Energy Shot. Recognizing I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I yielded to it and used it for today’s post. I hope it encourages someone. Many of us, go many places, many times a week, and “put on” a smile. I suppose an argument could be made that that is fake, but is it?  If we were to weigh on scales the amount of times we should show up with a smile vs. show up with sorrow, I believe the scale would tip toward smile. But consider this: if I am a Christ-follower, a smile covering my sorrow isn’t fake, if it is Christ-like.  A smile is contagious, so it is a powerful witness. A smile is visual proof that the joy of the Lord is my strength. A smile can turn my entire disposition strong, even if my soul is weak (a powerful rudder for the Heather-ship, says James 3:4-5). A smile is part of God’s creation for my face–He wanted us to have this facial option. Since God smiles upon me (“May the Lord smile on you,” Numbers 6:25) I should smile.  But what about the hidden sorrow behind the smile?  I’m gonna do what you might not expect: validate the sorrow.  Sorrow is REAL!  Psychologists (and even the bible) say some may even have a tinge of sorrow their entire life span. But take heart, we are in good company.  The bible says Jesus was, “a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief.” (Isaiah 53:3).  You’re not fake if you have sorrow behind your smile. Maybe you’re just normal, real, and Christ-like.  One caveat to the hidden sorrow, make sure you are not letting it go unattended. For sorrow, left to its own, can become unnecessary depression or hardened bitterness. Deal with your sorrow with Christian counseling (let me know if I can help you find one); and don’t doubt that you are still smiling.

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