Several years ago, I was in the kitchen making DJ a snack, when he struck up a conversation: “Mommy, I want to ask Jesus into my heart.”
“You do? Do you know what that means, DJ?”
“It means I’ll get to go to heaven.”
“What else?”
“It means that He will help me read and write.”
“Uhh, well….”
“Can you pray it with me, mommy?”
“DJ, do you know what Jesus did for you?”
“He helps me do everything.”
“Do you know what He did on the cross for you?”
“He died for all my sins.”
Then DJ hopped down, and with Raul, asked Jesus into his heart. When they were done, he came and whispered in my ear, “Now Jesus can speak to me.” That night, we didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t have time to call a parenting hotline or Google, “How to pray with your kid.” But what I do know is Jesus makes himself known to all people, everywhere, all the time (see Ezekiel 38:23, Romans 1:19). For five years and 12 days, He had been making himself known to DJ. And that night, DJ chose to make himself known to Him. I hope you know Him too. ❤️

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