Love is an interesting thing—it has more facets than we can count. One uncommon facet is loving people we only know in public, or who we only know on social media. [I preempt this by clarifying this post is OFF any kind of personal, proverbial soap-box.] Over the years, I’ve had a handful of bold people private-message me on Facebook with the intent to “vent.” Collectively, one assumption I could glean from these, is: they think I have it good. Maybe I do…to them at least. But in my private life and private prayers, I’m battling things and my loved ones are battling things that wouldn’t qualify as “having it good.” I don’t shun people who feel compelled to vent—it comes with the territory of the call. However, one lesson it’s taught me, is: who people are in public isn’t always indicative of what they’re dealing with in private. And Jesus would say, “love them.” Jesus exhorted us to love ourselves, our neighbors, our enemies. In my summation, that would mean loving people we know privately; and those we only know publicly (or on social media). I don’t know which one you fall into, but according to Jesus, it doesn’t matter. The ground is level at the cross and there are enough rooms in our Father’s House. And in the end, love wins. ❤️

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