When I was bad in college, my friend and I headed back from partying in Chicago when she complained she was feeling the repercussions of the chicken salad, grape laffy-taffy and “beverage” she had.  As things like this go (i.e., without warning) she lost control of her stomach and barfed all over my dashboard, passenger window, and (fabric!) passenger door.  We got back to the dorm, but it was so late, I was so tired and it was a freezing Chicago winter night, that I left the car the way it was, windows rolled up. The next day, when I opened it, I was bulldozed by the most atrocious odor ever—a pungent stank that could peel paint off walls, a toupee off a man, a shell off a turtle. Segue, please: It stinks when people barf all over you.  Literally and figuratively.  One of the things I’ve learned over the years through my mistakes, is to not barf all over people.  I used to be fooled by the fallacy that friendships were built by barfing every crisis, trial, drama, and detail to each other.  SO not so.  You see, humans aren’t capable of handling their own life-trauma and drama AS WELL AS OURS. It’s just too much for one finite being. So Jesus came and said, “Come to ME when you are weary” (Matthew 11:28)The first thing to do when we are feeling the repercussions of our drama or woes, is to give it to God, first. Just like Jesus did. When Jesus was having his worst day ever in the garden, the Gospels teach us he went to God, first (Matthew 26). His friends weren’t capable of handling it. The bible says they even fell asleep on their friend Jesus! Our friends can’t always handle our barf. And thankfully, if we walk with God, they don’t have to. PS: I haven’t been able to eat grape laffy-taffy since. 🙂
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