The bible teaches us that during Jesus’ darkest hours, one of his friends denied him. You and me have had friends deny us at “normal” times. But at our darkest hour, just before we were executed?  I can’t imagine.  Jesus had never done his friend wrong.  Furthermore, Jesus HAD given his friend everything he had; and made him who he was: leader, disciple, legacy.  As Jesus was on his way to be brutally beaten and executed (right in front of his friend, no less), his friend still denied him.  One probable denial? No. Three public, blatant, consecutive ones. Denial. Denial. Denial. Jesus knew his friend would deny him, yet Jesus still “friended” him! That’s love.  No matter what our friends have done to us—according to Jesus’ example—is not an excuse to undo our love for them.  Even if our friends move the status from “friend” to “enemy,” Jesus says, “love your enemies.”  And just when I want to let my heart move toward hating them for denying me, I am quietly reminded that I’ve denied my Best Friend and Lord more than the three times Peter did.  In my summation, there’s never a time to un-love a friend who denies you. Distance ourselves? Yes. Forge boundaries? OK.  Forget what they did? Depends. But hate them? I can’t find that in the life of my Best Friend and Lord.
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