Once upon a time, there lived a person who was a woman, a prostitute and a minority. During her time, clear social-rules kept society from acknowledging her as a person. A woman? A prostitute? A minority? 3 strikes.  Do you feel like you have 3 strikes? In John 4, the Bible teaches that Jesus cared so deeply for our 3-strike person, he spoke directly to her. He looked at her. He stood by her. He didn’t tolerate her sin, He came to die for it. This may have been the first time a Person saw her as a person. Jesus is reaching out to you—you, who others won’t give the time of day to. You, who others have given up on. You, who others don’t wanna be seen around.  You see, you hold out your 3-strike life to Jesus, and he doesn’t see the strikes everyone else sees, He sees you. This 3-strike person met Jesus, He filled her heart and He changed her life. And He’s still in that business. I hope you know that even if the world sees you as “3 strikes, you’re out” Jesus sees you as “3 strikes, still in.”

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