A couple years ago, I posted this post-it. There have been opportunities and relationships I am responsible for losing because I was stupid. But this #postit was dedicated to the ones I was smart enought to learn from. We have a choice to learn from our losses. Although the loss is part of our past, the lesson can be part of our future. I was thinking about this one stupid thing I did that rendered a big loss many years ago. Can’t go back and undo it, can’t deny it, so I had to accept it. But as a Christian, it didn’t stop there. I got to ask God to forgive me for it. He eradicated the guilt-voice in my head (sidebar: guilt beats up, conviction wakes up). Then I was able to pray, “Lord, what can I learn from this?” In God’s goodness, He led me to bible verses, and others who had done stupid things, to help me develop a rich lesson of learning. Having a spirit of learning from the things you lose can actually give you a win! Bud, choose to ride the wave of God’s grace and learn from your losses. BONUS, you’ll have wisdom to help OTHERS with theirs. Life is about choices. But if one of them is choosing to learn from the things I’ve lost, sign me up. In God’s economy, there will be no losers…only winners.

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