In Luke 1:38, Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant, and I am willing to accept whatever he wants.” In and of itself, this seems like a typical, biblical response. But when you study its context, you see how profound and unusual Mary’s response is. Mary said this after an angel told her she would become pregnant; and Jesus–God with skin on–would be her son. Mary was a poor, virgin teenager. The odds were stacked against her–she could have replied, “Sorry, I can’t.” See, Mary is an ordinary person like you and me, with extraordinary faith that we could have—if we choose it. Mary’s faith was extraordinary because she believed God’s message, though she could not see God. She accepted the impossible, though it wasn’t sensible. And by that faith, Mary would witness the miracle-birth of her son; and witness the death and resurrection of her Savior. My personal challenge from Mary’s response came in the form of a question: Heather, who are you faithful to? The gifts: your sons, your husband, your life? Or the Giver of your gifts: Jesus Christ. If you were me, how would you answer this? There were 32 years between the miracle of her son’s birth and the brutality of her Savior’s death. Imagine how much her faith was tested when she saw bad things happen to her good (and perfect) Son? But Mary remained resolutely faithful. In life, we all need something to cling to in faith. Proverbially, when life has us in a pit, we need a rope; when life has us over a cliff, we need a strong hand; when life has us in a fierce storm, we need an anchor. If Mary would have held onto her boy, if Mary would have protested his death, if Mary would have paid off the Roman governor, if Mary would have told her Son, “No, you can’t sacrifice your life for the world,” Mary wouldn’t have clung to her faith, but her circumstances. We are blessed to know the whole story of Mary’s faith. It ends VERY well! But her story is our story. I’m Mary—an ordinary person choosing to take daily steps into a deeper dimension of my faith. My circumstances won’t get me to the end of my eternal-triumphant-glorious story (as the bible teaches); my faith that will! And by faith, I pray your story will end that way too. I hope you know Him.
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