No matter our leadership role, when the stress of it is high, so is the probability for a headache.  When my son DJ was 4 years old, he got his first headache. You can see by the photo, he conjured up his own remedy: strap on a tight, tinted pair of goggles. When I asked if it helped, he looked at me with his Cuban sass and said, “My headache’s already gone!” So there you have it. Seriously though, back to our calling as leaders—positionally, it can manifest itself, physically. Fast forwrd to a couple years ago, DJ came home from school complaining of an acute headache. The kind where you need silence, darkness and prayer.  This time it wasn’t because of too much candy or rough-housin.’ It was triggered by the calling of his young leadership. Ever since my boys asked God to be their personal Lord and Savior, I have told them they are leaders. Because in God’s economy, wherever we are, whenever we can, we are to lead others to Him.  Daily, at school drop-off’s, my parting words to DJ and Andy are: I love you. Be a leader among your peers. Be a servant among your leaders. Back to DJ…during this particular instance, DJ was being pressured by his peers.  The positional pressure of what to do and not to do, was manifesting itself physically, as a headache. I’m reminded of David the psalmist, who penned: “But you, O Lord…are my glory, the one who holds my head high.”  (Psalm‬ ‭3:3‬) If headaches are a possible part of leadership, I’m comforted by these God-appointed and God-anointed words. I gave DJ a couple of Advil (not goggles), put him in a dark, quiet room and prayed for him. Today, I still pray for him, and Andy. That as they grow in their roles as leaders (and OUTgrow their need for mom) they know the Lord will ALWAYS hold their heads high, as they hold God high.
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