“And God made the two great lights–the greater light (the sun) to rule the day,” Genesis 1:16. The sun has incomprehensible statistics: it is approximately 330,000 times bigger than our home planet; its surface temperature is 10,000 degrees; it’s like 93 million miles away from your living room recliner. But as incomprehensible as the sun is, it still has an approachable-ness to it, because God made it. Do you know how big and mighty God must be since HE made the sun? It’s probably like a ping pong ball in His hand. I love it when God’s sun shines on me. First, it reminds me of His promise in Numbers 6:14-25, “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you.” Secondly, though I don’t see God face to face or hear God on my cell, I can step outside and feel his presence on my face. Who, but God, can take a bright, shining star and have it greet you with its radiant aura? Recently, on a walk, I had burdens and stresses on my mind. But I could not escape the fact that every street I walked, every corner I turned, I could feel the sun. The sun went with me everywhere, as if God summoned it to remind me that He IS everywhere. If you are discouraged or burdened, I say find the sun. Even if it briefly peeks through the clouds and casts itself onto your windshield–be assured, God is near. The sun is not a cosmic mystery. God made it, and God made us. And though we worship God only, the sun is a daily reminder of His proximity, perfection and power to you and to me.

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