“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree” (Psalm 92:12) I took this pic today because I remembered this verse. To me, palm trees + Psalm 92:12 preach an amazing message: 1) this verse says the “righteous” flourish. Not the self-declared perfect, not the perfect-wannabes, not the judgers of others’ imperfections. But the righteous. What’s “righteous” mean? When I looked it up, it said: morally right. But how do I define “morally-right?” I can’t define it by people because no person is morally-perfect to define it. If Raul would define “morally right,” what happens when he messes up? If my counselor defines it, what happens when she messes up? If my parents define it, what happens when they mess up? Jesus Christ is perfect, and when He came to Earth as a person, He did in a morally right & perfect way. Then He was crucified for my (& all of our) immoral unrighteousness. He rose from His grave, and ascended back to where He came from. No one else has done this—furthermore, there’s empirical proof He did. So He, and His Book, define “morally right” to me. HE defines my righteousness.

2) Why did the psalmist ascribe a palm tree to this verse? Well maybe for a couple reasons. One, palm trees don’t grow away from storms. Two, palm trees don’t break in storms. Palm trees can bend to the point where they are horizontal to the ground! Palm trees endure storms, bend into them, stand up again when they pass.

3) “The righteous will flourish like palm trees.” To me, it preaches a message that if Jesus is my righteousness, then in my storms, I will flourish. The amazing irony!!! I won’t grow out from the storms, run away from the storms or break from the storms. When they come, I’ll bend into them & stand up again. I’ll flourish! I hope this encourages a fellow palm in a storm today. 🌴

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