“I don’t concern myself with matters too great or too awesome for me to grasp. Instead, I have calmed and quieted myself,” ~David, the 131st Psalm.  In the bible, King David ticked and tocked like the rest of us as we navigate this thing called life. But one of his unique get-it-factors is David didn’t get hung up on matters “too great” for him. I don’t know what the cultural trends and stigmas were for David’s generation, but one in ours is the pressure to be overstimulated, over-processed and overly-concerned with matters. We take matters into our own hands through smartphones, addictions, vices and social media, and the matter becomes an insatiable, unavoidable concern. Maybe even an obsession. As I marinated on this verse like a chicken in Mojo sauce, it begged the question: to what expense am I willing to be overly-concerned? The cost of my sanity? health? relationships? time? purpose? I also marinated on this verse, in light of my faith. Yes, it’s true we can “move mountains” when we have faith. But I have been guilty of great faith, and little trust. No sooner do I leave the matter at the proverbial Cross by faith, then I pick it back up again and carry it away because I trust me better with it. Yikes. We are Hu-mans, not Super–mans. When our concerns go beyond our humanness, it is fruitless to be in control. It is God’s job to concern himself with matters within our humanness and beyond our humanness. It is because of God, that my matters can be in my natural world but in His supernatural sphere! That’s why He’s God and I’m not! Is there something you and I are too concerned with? First step is admission! Next step is to begin to hand it over to the Hands that can handle it.
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