Back in 1999, after I got out of the psych ward, “loving God with all your mind,” (Luke 10:27) came with new challenges because my mind wasn’t all-there. However,  I definitely loved God with all my heart, soul and strength, so that’s where I started. I activated those parts to pray, meditate, read my Bible, get professional psychotherapy and take psychiatric meds. Romans 8:6 says, “If your sinful nature controls your mind, there is death. But if the Holy Spirit controls your mind there is life and peace.” Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! The answer for how [to begin] to love God with all my [sick] mind was right there in the Good Book! Oh sure, in 1999, the enemy, my sin, my illness won a battle in my mind, but God was my General who victoriously wins wars! And this was war for my mind!  So I began praying and believing Romans 8:6. I started asking, “what is controlling my mind that could lead to death?” (In my case, suicide).  Over a period twelve months, I eliminated things God brought to my mind in response to my Romans 8:6 prayer. Back then my mind was adversely impacted by gossip magazines, so I got rid of them; R-rated movies, so I stopped watching them; booty-shaking music, so I found new music; and trashy TV programs, so I found cleaner substitutes. Little by little, my mind was able to love God more wholly. A mind that loves God with all of, it leads to life. And look who’s been living since 1999! 🙂  There’s a lot more I could share on this, but gotta stay true to my 1-minute post promise! I’ll close with this: Psalm 139 says God knit us together [minds, included] in our moms’ wombs. He is the creator of you before humans conceived you. It’s no wonder that in our creation, the part he placed closest to him in heaven is the part he has us think with.  Our minds are our Northern Star, True North, our crown. Our minds aren’t on the side of our bodies, they’re on the top! To take care of that important satellite dish up there means to love God with all of it. I don’t know where you are with your mind, but if you’re challenged like I am, I hope this post brings some good thoughts to consider for it!
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