Sometimes love has to look away. There’s a heart-wrenching moment in the bible when Jesus was on the cross and cried out to God, “why did you forsake me?” I would surmise that in his final moments, Jesus felt like God left him. And if you leave someone, you look away. Sometimes, love has to look away. I’ve watched loving parents have to let go and look away from a child. I’ve watched loving children have to let go and look away from a parent. In my experience with a loved one, for years I held on with my proverbial “looking glass,” until a friend suggested that that might be what’s holding him back from God’s best. Why did God have to look away? Billy Graham wrote, “Jesus was without sin, for He was God in human flesh. As He died, all our sins were placed on Him. In that moment, He was banished from the presence of God, for sin cannot exist in God’s presence.” Now, though, we can be saved on Earth and party forever in Heaven! If you have someone you love, and you need to look away for their betterment, I get you! [*Note: just because we look away, doesn’t mean we cease to pray!] You and me have each other if we have to look away. We are not alone in this. Arm-in-arm, we have each other for strength. And BONUS: we also have this gridlock, united battle-line of prayer! Jesus doesn’t need our eyes on those we’re praying for to do his work. Together, we keep our eyes (& prayers) on Him. And He’ll keep watch on them.

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