We all have a past. Some of us have unimaginable pasts. Some of us have pasts without major incident. But we all have one. In the past, it’s where we were; in this present, it’s where we are; in the future it’s where we’re headed. But what I’ve seen more times than not—is our past is what makes us or breaks us. In short, does my past define me or does my past refine me? Over the years, I’ve trolled the bible looking for good verses to encourage me about my past. One of my favs is Galatians 6:15, “It doesn’t matter whether we have been circumcised or not. What counts is whether we have been transformed into a new creation.” And where “circumcised” is, we can fill in anything from our former life. For example, “whether we have been addicted or not,” “whether we have been mistreated or not,” “whether we have been rejected, neglected, defected or not.” Whatever was part of your past, with Jesus, doesn’t define you because with him you are a new creation in your present. You are refined by Jesus in your heart, not defined by circumstances in your past. I could keep going with the verses. But if you are struggling with feeling defined by your past, maybe do a bible word search on “new creation,” “born again,” “freedom,” and let God’s timeless, irrefutable truths and promises speak to your heart. Just because you had a bad chapter doesn’t mean your story has a bad ending. I hope this encourages someone today.

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