Three days ago, I drove up to Wisconsin from my parent’s home in Crystal Lake, Illinois for my niece’s birthday. That night, when I was getting ready for bed, I noticed my engagement ring and wedding band were missing…again. [See prior post /losing-my-diamond-ring/]  I prayed and worried and prayed through the night–rendering a sleepless night. The next morning, we went full-throttle into “Operation Ring” mode, deploying my seven family members and myself. Retracing steps, borrowing a metal detector, scouring gravel drive ways and parking lots, and filing “missing ring” reports. Later that day, after giving up my search (and hope) my brother Jamie suggested we drive back up to Wisconsin (an hour away) to my niece’s party location. I assured Jamie that would be a waste of time and gas, because that wasn’t the last place I had my rings. To which he replied, “Why not, though? We aren’t doing anything now.” So we went. But the wind of hope was knocked out of my sails when we got to the park’s parking lot and it was packed like sardines with cars and people. Wouldn’t you know…it was the park’s official, “Hot Dog Festival.”  Even if we DID find my rings where we parked yesterday, the car that was there now, was certainly the new owner of them. I was defeated, but Jamie wasn’t done. We pulled alongside the space, got out, looked down, and there they were. Right where I had (unknowingly) left them. A sunbeam was casting light off the diamond solitaire.  Like God was using His universal, laser pointer-finger to direct my eyes from His seat in Heaven, to my squatted stance on the gravel lot. Jamie and I jumped up and down! And in true demonstrative “Heather,” I proceeded to twirl with my hands raised as high as my joints would let me and screamed, “THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!”  Jeremiah 29:14 says, “‘I will be found by you,’ declares the LORD.” This verse optimizes the drama of my lost rings. We sure are [non-literal] losers, aren’t we? We lose our way, our possessions, our faith, hope, joy. We lose insignificant things like keys, all the way up to losing our child in a store [see another prior post /when-i-left-andy-2/] And I haven’t put my rings in my lap while applying hand lotion, and forgetting they were there as I jumped out of the car, once… I’ve now done it TWICE!  But my God is a Finding God. He is my: I-know-where-it-is-I-know-where-she-needs-to-be God!  I don’t want to declare to you that it’s my job to lose, cuz it sucks! But I do want to declare that God has promised He WILL be found by you.  If you are lost, I hope you call for Him. You don’t have to find your way to Him. He will come to you. Because out of His always-finding-never-losing love, He’s known right where you were all along. Just like my rings.

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