Dear Mentally-Well,
Let me start by writing that for any of us with mental illness, we are thankful for you! We struggle with something you have together, and YOU inspire us to stay at it! And I believe in a Soveriegm God who makes the world go ’round with BOTH.  As far as being like us,  I wish I had a Dr. Seuss book that could explain in rhyme and cartoons what it’s like. Because, to the contrary, it’s complicated! For me, it’s a mind that lives in two poles. Imagine living between the North Pole or the South Pole, and never being able to have a stop in between. Furthermore, never knowing when, or for how long, you’ll be at one pole or the other.  One could surmise this would be impossible! But that’s where I’d jump up and down, testifying: “but with God, all things are possible!” God is my equator in my polarizing mind. God is the hope at the end of my rope. God is my anchor. God is the cushion where my erratic thoughts land. God is in my mind, in unexplainable drifts, where no sane person would want to go. God holds my mind in the palm of His hand, lest it be too fragile for my body to hold. A few years ago, I got an unexpected gift from an unexpected person. She said that I was [of all things] on her MIND! It was an ornament with the word “Hope” on it. How did she know to give that key-word on a gift on the day she did? Like I said earlier, God knows our world needs both of us: those who struggle in their minds, and those who give HOPE when we do. The world truly is a harmonic place when we can get along and be who God made us to be.
Love, us

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