Do you ever want to give up? Do you know what God says? “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial,” (James 1:12) Parent, persevere when your child is stressing you. Spouse, persevere when you don’t feel love. Boss, persevere when your team isn’t getting it. Volunteer, persevere when nobody is noticing. Student, persevere when you failed a test. Addict, perservere when you are tempted. And GOD declares that *when* you do…you will be blessed! One of my favorite quotes of ALL TIMES is, “By perseverance the snail reached the ark.” (Charles Spurgeon). Through every temptation and trial to quit, those two snails kept scooting. With every slow, slimy, wobbly scoot, they got closer to the ark. And we know they made it to the ark from the worldwide flood, ‘cause I have them in my yard to this day! You keep scooting. You’re closer than you think. You will make it if you persevere. You won’t make it if you quit! And parent, the child who overwhelmed you? Only made you melt when he wanted your shoulder to cry on. And spouse when you didn’t *feel* love anymore? You replaced it with action and gave love a second chance. And leader whose team didn’t get it? One day, their united lightbulb went off and they reached that goal. And volunteer, your service that was unnoticed? Is getting a standing ovation by ten thousand angels in Heaven. And addict, that addiction? Is one day a faint memory eclipsed by a new freedom! And student, the test you failed? Makes you more determined for the next one; and you do the best yet. Be the snail. Persevere. Scoot. You’ll get to your ark. Your blessing awaits!

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