A few years ago, I received a call about a young girl who attempted suicide. I didn’t know her. I told my friend I would pray for her.  Let’s pause for a commercial<<when we say we will pray for someone, sometimes we won’t know the details and we don’t need to. We are praying to the omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent God. Our prayer is ushering down the Savior of the world to a situation WE can not save, but He can. If you tell someone you will pray for him/her, pray.  You may be the only one in the world who will.>> Returning to our regularly scheduled post:  I was praying for this girl, but I wanted to do more. Through my friend, I was able to get in contact with mom. Through mom, I was able to ask mom if I could give her daughter a gift box. Maybe because I used to be a young girl with the same struggle? Maybe because a gift box could be a tangible extension of prayer? Maybe because my love language is “receiving gifts,” so to give one is to relay, “you are loved.”  Anywho, I met mom at a local spot, and gave her a gift-box to give her daughter. Unknowingly, that was the beginning of the “wondherful life gift box.”  Sometimes, I give it to a loved one to personally deliver. Sometimes, I deliver it myself to the hospital or psych ward. Sometimes, I ship it. Sometimes, the person who attempted suicide dies, so I give it to the grieved. It’s not always the same contents–that’s modified with gender, age and spiritual-season. But the box always contains: a bible, book and/or journal, a “No Perfect People Allowed” tee and an invite card to Church by the Glades (even out-of-towners because we livestream our services!)  Back in 2000, when I was discharged from a psych ward for suicide, I wasn’t functioning at normal-pace. Life definitely moved me from the HOV lane to the semi-truck lane. I was home-bound, medicated, lethargic, and only able to make counseling/psychiatrist appointments. However, when I look back at my books, journals and bible, I have proof those were part of my pace…and subsequent recovery. Not because I’m super-spiritual, but God was a safe place, and where He was, I wanted to be.  I hope this encourages someone today. And if you know someone who needs a wonderful life gift box, let me know.
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