The French say “paix.” The Spanish say “paz.” The Dutch say “vrede.” The Norwegian say “fred.” The Pig Latins say “Eacepay.” And in a timeless, universal language, Jesus says, “I am leaving you a gift of peace,” (John 14:27)  Jesus is the peace we need. When there was a violent storm, Jesus calmed it. When Jesus was being arrested, He brought order to the chaos. When Jesus’ ministry was upsetting the town, He left quietly. When there was a lesson on revenge, Jesus said turn the other cheek.  And at the end of his timeshare on Earth, Jesus said, “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me.” (John 16:33)  He is the Prince of Peace.  Jesus said His peace is a gift – He gave it to you when you gave him your heart. OPEN this gift, TAKE His peace out of the box, apply it when it hurts, activate it when your waiting, set it like an alarm when you can’t sleep, and take a bath in it when your future is uncertain!  The amazing thing about His peace is you’ll run out of days before He runs out of peace. You can’t take too much. It’s abundantly, exceedingly, infinitely there for the taking…within you!  Hey, wanna pray with me? (I’ll assume you said OK) Lord, thank you for Your peace! Forgive us for forgetting it is already ours! We ask that you would i.d. the missing pieces of peace in each of our lives. Please fill them in with your peace… to. the. overflow!!  May the spill-over be for others around us, who need your peace, too. Your gift of peace is for everybody–we know You want nobody to be without it! You are the Peace to every missing piece. That’s why you are God and we are not! We love you, Lord. Yes, Prince of Peace, we surely do. Amen.
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