Being a waiter or waitress requires a lot of waiting: on tables, on customers to place orders, on indecisive customers to change orders, on the kitchen, on customers to pay, on change for a $50, on your manager, on a raise. Waitering is WAITING. You know who’s a good waiter? Jesus. Jesus waited to reveal Himself early on, saying, “my time has not yet come.” Jesus waited to heal a girl so He could heal a bleeding woman. While on a boat in a storm, Jesus waited to calm the storm. Jesus waited three years for Judas to betray him. Jesus waited on the cross for every Old Testament prophesy to happen before dying. Jesus waited three days in a tomb. Jesus is waiting for you to believe in Him. Jesus waited for me to come back to Him. Jesus is the ultimate waiter, who said, “I’m being patient to return to judge the world, because I want every soul to be in heaven for eternity.” (2 Peter 3) Jesus will come back. Tho the bible doesn’t say when, it does say He is waiting. So while Jesus is in Heaven waiting to return to Earth, why does He have us wait on Earth before gettin to Heaven? I did some research (so I take no credit for this) and found 3 reasons: 1) The Bible says we are made in the image of Christ. When we wait, we produce patience—growing more like Christ (less like the world). 2) The way you wait can make or break someone’s thoughts about your God. People will watch when you wait for a child, cure, job, relationship, recovery. If they see your patience (ie, refusal to quit) they will desire what you have. 3) I’ve heard it said, “don’t pray for patience, you won’t like God’s answer,” but I think that’s dumb. If I don’t pray for patience I settle for impatience—a sin that causes ulcers, headaches, circumstantial and relational hardship. I guess as it pertains to waiting, I’m praying: “Lord, You are the Waiter to me, from my here to eternity. Since You’re in my heart, help my belief that I have everything I need to be your waitress on Earth.”

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