“But God, who comforts the downcast (the depressed [TPT], the discouraged [TLB]), comforted us by the coming of Titus, also by the comfort you had given him.” (2 Cor. 7:6-7 NIV) These 3 translations provide 3 synonyms for “being down,” and this verse is a triple-dose remedy! #1, Paul (penning for God) said God comforts the downcast. If we look at God, from Genesis to now, “comfort” is a constant, continual characteristic of Him. Which syncs up with Him being God, i.e., never-changing. He was—who He is—who He will be: a comforter. You don’t need to buy, bribe, bargain, beg or borrow it “gently used.”  If you have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, you have His comfort! #2, Paul pens that God used someone to be His comfort-courier, a guy named Titus. I once heard, “sometimes we just need God-with-skin-on.” I would say when we’re down, that’s one of those times. God-with-skin-on can lift up, hold up, wipe tears, walk beside, pray with. Paul and his guys were down–so God sent Titus who had “skin” to do those things.  Now the last layer of this triple-stack got me on my feet!  #3, God didn’t just send Titus to comfort. As I let my imagination wander, I got to thinking: what if Titus got down on his way?! What if his camel broke down? He got the flu? He got robbed? Who knows what could have happened on his comfort courier-route. The end of this verse says “by the comfort you had given him.” God made sure that when Titus arrived to comfort these guys, Titus was filled up with enough comfort to go around. Ah!! All the feels!!  This verse speaks to two of us: those who need comfort and those who are sent to comfort. I hope you identify which one you are; and leave this post knowing whichever one, God’s got it.

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