I ran to the store to buy a case of water. I was in aisle 2B when Jesus walked up to me. He began to share with me everything I had ever done, thought, felt and said.  Things that only my secrets knew–He made known in laser detail. Then, there in the aisle, Jesus made an offer to join me in the journey for the rest of my life. I can’t explain why, but saying “no” was nowhere to be found. I emphatically and excitedly said, “YES!” I felt this warm, oceanic wave move through my body, from head to toe.  As if years of dirt and stain succumbed to its cleansing salt-waters.  I was so excited about this NEW me, I blurted, “can I get a selfie?!” Jesus obliged. Still excited, without saying bye and without my water, I took off. When I got home, I told everyone at our house about Jesus. I grabbed my phone and tweeted, Facebook’ed, and Instagrammed our selfie and convo.  The next day, I wasn’t done! I told my trainer at the gym, my barista at the smoothie place, and my nail tech at the salon. Sound familiar? It should because it’s what happened in John 4.  And when you read it, you learn Jesus didn’t tell her to go tell everybody.  SHE WANTED TO!  This begs the question: am I occasionally and casually sharing my faith with a few? Or emphatically and passionately finding every possible way to share Him with everyone? Lord, infuse me with excitement. Let me leave proverbial water behind to run and tell as many as I can about the best Living Water of All Time!

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