Love is a huge subject, and when it comes to God, He displays his love in huge ways: creating everything in six days, parting the Red Sea, sending Himself to die for the sins of every human, and having the power to come back to life. But how does God display his love in little ways? I think God does when He showcases it on unknowns: a man with leprosy, a mother-in-law, a bleeding woman, a mute man, a man with a shriveled hand, a woman at the well, a boy with a demon, and a demon-possessed man. Do we realize the insignificance of these people? They don’t even have names! But I don’t think that’s the question. The question is: “Do we realize their significance to God? To help distinguish, let’s juxtapose who He picked to showcase His love, to who he didn’t pick:  A-list celebrities, viral YouTuber’s, Athlete All-Stars, People’s Most Sexiest or Twitter’s Most Trending. In the Gospels, out of twenty-two miracles Jesus performed, twenty were for unknowns. Today, we may not be performing miracles, but we ARE made in the image of God who does. Maybe some of our biggest ways to showcase God’s love are through (and for) the unknown’s opportunity. Maybe the one who everyone else has overlooked, God has personally preserved and reserved just for you. For you to be the first (and maybe only) one to show them how much God loves them. You know what I hadn’t thought of til now? The unconditional, unwavering, everlasting, perfect love of Jesus Christ is the same whether I show it to a famous millionaire or an unknown beggar. It is HIS LOVE that is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow–not mine or yours!  You feelin me? If you are, maybe we can pray this together: “Lord, help me find ones no one is noticing and find ways to love them. Amen.
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