I’ve heard it said, “Praying is the least you can do.” SMH. Now that I’m half-way through my (hopeful) century on this planet, I’d say many times, prayer was the most I could do. Let’s say someone in your immediate family is battling addiction, and in a classic cycle: lying, inventing excuses, straining relationships, impulsivity, erratic and/or violent behavior, codependency, enabling, and financially desperate.  Generally speaking, experts would say don’t give them money, lest it feed their addiction. Wisdom would say don’t let them back in your home if they’ve disrupted it, lest someone get hurt or something get damaged. Love would say don’t give them what they need, lest we create enablers out of our well-intention selves. Well, gheesh! If these options aren’t options then prayer literally is the MOST I can do! And prayer isn’t to a statue or a person who is imperfect, conditionally loving and temporary.  Prayer is to the One who is perfect, unconditionally loving and eternal!  Prayer is to my personal Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, who has never changed and STILL answers prayers, heals, mends, sets free, performs miracles, and collects every tear.  Maybe my hands are fundamentally tied with what I can do, but spiritually, nothing is impossible with God! Praying for that family member calls down the Savior of the world to a situation I can not save, and a life I can not rescue, but Jesus Christ can do both. When we pray for someone, we may be the ONLY one in the entire human-race who is at that moment…or who is at all.  Let’s never reduce it to “the least we can do.” It’s always worth it to pause and pray. I’ve never regretted praying about something or someone. I’ll end with three simple words from God’s Word: Never. Stop. Praying. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
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