I often troll the bible looking for mental-verses. It is the book of LIFE. It is a “double-edge sword” against thoughts of death. It is a book that–-when opened—sinks itself like treasure in your belly, NEVER to return void. It is the book that—when stored in your heart and uttered aloud—will make the enemy flee. It is a powerful mental-health remedy, and it’s free and accessible to all. So I was thrilled when I came across Isaiah 61:3 that says God can give, “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” This verse tells me that God can exchange my bouts of wet-wool-blanket heaviness for his garments of light, uplifting praise. How? By praising Him! This sounds super-spiritual, but I’m not super spiritual. If I do it, anyone can. I’ve learned praising God isn’t bound by church services or pitch-perfect voices. On a jog one morning, I passed a lady praising God while walking. Praising God is sometimes in song, sometimes at church, but it’s also when we’re driving, walking, exercising, working, crying, falling asleep, waking up, writing, praying, rueing or reflecting. It’s simply giving God props in a reverent way, from wherever we are. It’s telling Him how good He is, no matter how bad we are. It’s taking our focus off our heaviness and putting it on His holiness. If you are in a spirit of heaviness, try putting on the garment of praise. There’s nothing to lose…and a garment to gain.

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