When we choose solitude it is a good thing (Jesus himself chose time for solitude). But sometimes life will give us seasons of un-chosen loneliness. During these seasons, you feel like “they” (whoever your “they” is) isn’t texting you, “liking” your posts, including you in group-chats, including you in the plan, or all of the above. It’s your world yet you feel like the invisible one in it. Jesus experienced this too. He had friends, family, and a following. But when He hung by nails on a cross, He was separated from it all. The bible tells us what he did in this extreme-lonely moment: he cried to God and he talked to God. If all we depend on is encouragement from “our world”–what will we do when our world isn’t there? With a mind like mine, there are seasons where people around me can’t be sources of encouragement to me. During bouts of depression or “lows,” (i.e., un-chosen loneliness) it’s forced me to look within (not around) for encouragement. Seeking encouragement from within, I discovered there was a bounty of encouragement there. A “still, small voice” reminds me that I’m God’s royalty! His heir! His favorite Heather Michelle Funk Palacios! My soul whispers to my loneliness that my Master-Artist still believes in me, His masterpiece.  When I invited Jesus into my life, He moved into my heart. You honestly can’t get ANY closer [to encourage someone] than from within their heart. I learned to encourage myself by His presence in my heart, and His promises in His book. Today, if you are in a season of unchosen loneliness, seek encouragement from within. They say it’s lonely at the top–your Savior would know…He was alone atop a cross.  He gets you. And right now, he’s ready to encourage you, from within.

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