Sometimes I read verses that spin in my head like chicken on a rotisserie. Afterwhile, my mind “beeps” that it’s ready, and God serves up a plate of insight! I don’t wanna keep this plate to myself—let’s have it together. Isaiah 44:5 says, “Some will write the Lord’s name on their hands.” Some insight…
1. Hold my people in an open palm. They aren’t mine to begin with. They were God’s from before the world was made. An open palm with my people is less painful than a clutch, should God ever need to release them. His name on my palm reminds of this.
2. To write God’s name on my palm is to follow in God’s footsteps (or hand-steps, wink). God wrote my name in his book before I was born. Even better, God didn’t erase it after I did many bad things in my past. To occasionally pen God’s name on my palm is significant that I’m His wonderful property no matter what.
3. If I write God’s name on my palm, it’s approximately where He sacrificed his life when they drove nails through his. NO agony, suffrage or pain I go through will compare to what He went through for all of us. Which means every pain I go through, He understands. His name on my palm keeps that perspective afresh.
Just one verse. But I am fed. Hope you are too!

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