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Yes you can. If you have God in your life, you CAN in your circumstance. You can have a breakthrough. You can be set free. You can have a second chance. You can reach that goal. You can step it up, break that habit, rebuke that addiction. You are dazed, but you can see. You are shy, but you can speak. Abraham did. Moses did. David did. Esther did. Rahab did. Tamar did. Job did. Jonah did. Mary did. Paul did. Peter did. Billy Graham did. Mother Theresa did. YOU can. Whoever says you can’t, tell them you can because: Jesus looked at them & said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Yes! You can!


Today, I had an epiphany of sorts when these words popped into my head: “Do your best with where you’re at.” As I considered that, I started to translate it: In depression? Do your best with where you’re at. In unemployment? Do your best with where you’re at. In mourning? Do your best with where you’re at. In addiction? Do your best with where you’re at. Why do we need to do our best with where we’re at? Because we can’t do our best with our future (we don’t know what it holds); and we can’t do our best with our past (because it’s never coming back). So perhaps life is about being wherever we are (good or bad) & doing our best with where we’re at.


I was no angel. I certainly wasn’t behaving like Miss Goody Two-Shoes. I wasn’t feeding the homeless or singing in the church choir. I wasn’t meditating, reflecting or kneeling at a pew. Nope, God didn’t lovingly show up during anything like that. When God showed up I was crouched over a toilet, throwing up from too much booze. Hair disheveled. Shirt inside out. Dirty. Rancid. Alone. That was when God showed up. And I sensed Him. And I desperately needed Him. And He wasn’t angry or embarrassed. He was merciful & still unconditionally in love with his girl. This God loves you too. So wherever you are (& if you are ready) He will lovingly show up for you, too.
“But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8


I carried around this one regret for far too long. It was a stupid thing I did in my 20s. After finding my way back to God, I could forgive myself (easily) for the “minor” sins, but this one? No way. It was a BIG sin. In my estimation, worthy of 5-10 years of carrying it around on my back. And it was heavy. But I deserved it. I didn’t deserve to be freed up from the load. And then? I read this in the bible: And as far as sunrise is from sunset, he has separated us from our sins.” You know what that means? The sunrise & the sunset NEVER intersect. The sunrise never catches up to the sunset & vice versa. In other words,it’s an impossible act. And so it is with God. It is IMPOSSIBLE for Him to remember our regrets. It just doesn’t happen. When we screw up, we go to God in prayer & we ask for forgiveness. THEN, we throw our sin in the garbage can. Where the garbage man picks it up–& most importantly–takes it away, never to be traced again. That’s why I put a big garbage can here. To hopefully inspire someone to throw away a regret that’s been heavily carried. God’s not carrying it. Thankfully, neither should you.


Poor Andy. Last year, we took him on the Jaws ride at Universal Studios. We promised him it was safe. We assured him it was all fake. We vowed he wouldn’t get scared. We. Were. Wrong. He was very traumatized. And as you know, hindsight doesn’t do much good after you’ve made promises & offered reassurances. I learned a valuable lesson from this. A lesson in parenting, but perhaps, a lesson in life too. I need to be careful of the promises I make. My word is my bond. Unlike the bible days, these days, we don’t make promises with blood or covenants. We make promises with our words. And if we want people to trust us, and we want people to look up to us and we want people to believe in us…our words need to live up to the promises our mouths speak.

>oD uoy daer rouy elbib?

>oD uoy daer rouy elbib? rof a gnol emit I t’ndid yojne gnidaer ti esauc ti saw ekil gniyrt ot daer hsilngE sdrawkcab, ti t’ndid ekam esnes [Do you read your bible? For a long time, I didn’t enjoy reading it ’cause it was like trying to read English backwards, it didn’t make sense.] Then one day I realized I was the one losing with that logic because I frequently complained I wasn’t hearing the audible from God, BUT I wasn’t putting my eyes on His playbook! So I prayed about it, bought a 1-year bible & read it every day for a year. That was 10 yrs ago. I’ve been reading it every day since. Right now, I am specifically reading my bible on the YouVersion iPhone app. Every day, I work through two of its reading plans: The Old Testament & Joyce Meyer. Pardon the cheesy analogy, but if we wanna win at the game, we gotta get into the Coach’s playbook. 🙂


There’s the old adage, “one day at a time.” Which, in many seasons in our lives, holds true. However, there are also seasons where that adage is nearly impossible to proclaim. We wake up & no sooner do we open our eyes and “one day at a time” becomes too daunting of a task. What do we do? I’ll tell you what I’ve done. I’ve woke up, opened my eyes & said, “God, it’s gonna be a one-hour-at-a-time day. I believe you can help me get through this day, by helping me get through the next hour. With that, I put my feet on the floor & I rise.” If you are struggling to get through one day at a time, my suggestion is to pray to God to get you through one hour at a time. The increments of our can-do are not nearly as important as our dependency on God to GET us through. You can do this!

>The Heart of Life

>I love John Mayer & in my top 3 is “The Heart of Life.” Though I’ve heard it plenty, seeing it set to this homemade video was like hearing it for the first time. Knowing that a mommy captured it of her kids makes it all the more endearing. As a mommy, I hope my boys will always keep their laughter. As an adult, I hope I always keep my laughter, too.

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