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>od uoy daer ruoy elbib?


oD uoy daer rouy elbib? rof a gnol emit I t’ndid yojne gnidaer ti esauc ti saw ekil gniyrt ot daer hsilngE sdrawkcab, ti t’ndid ekam esnes.

Do you read your bible? For a long time, I didn’t enjoy reading it ’cause it was like trying to read English backwards, it didn’t make sense.

Then one day I realized I was losing a fight with the devil by having that logic. So I prayed about it, bought a 1-year bible & read it every day for a year.That was 7 yrs ago. I’ve been reading it daily every since. Sometimes I miss, but after developing it as a habit, I really hate it when I do. 

Pardon the cheese, but…we can’t call God on our flip-phones; however we can hear God when we flip thru these pages.

>A Night with Esther


Tonight we had our first LeadHership book study. Pastor Troy challenged us to grow deeper with our teams, I was excited to take that challenge.
1) We got Caffeinated:
with coffee, fresh fruit & double-fudge cake.

2) We got Creative:
with “arts & craft” time, making tierras (in honor of Queen Vashti, who we studied tonight).

3) We got Challenged:
with Esther 1 that leaders need to know who they are & know where they stand.

>Me, Shamu & Safer Places


Over the holidays, we went to Sea World for “Dine with Shamu.” While Raul took DJ to the bathroom, Shamu jumped up right by our table & scared the crap out of me. I honestly can’t believe I got this pic & it turned out. I’m not sure why, but after we left, I felt for Shamu. In Genesis, God says He made the big animals that live in the sea. Though the emcee assured & re-assured us that this is a wonderful life for Shamu, I couldn’t help but think…

8 years ago, I was taken out of my big world (& for my safety) put in a psych unit. Sometimes, the world we’re meant to live in we hurt ourselves in & we’re too sick to notice. As whacked as it sounds, I’m thankful for the 72 hrs. when God took me out of my big sea & put me in a safer tank, an 8×8 cell. ‘Cause it was there that I found Him again. God, you always know where we need to be. Thanks.

>It’s Time to Tell You Our Secret


It is time. The Cuban & I have discussed this & we feel it is time to come out of the closet with who dresses him. Drumroll please… I do. I buy all his clothes; I lay out his workout clothes; I lay out his office clothes; I decide when he retires his clothes. When he travels, I’ve twisty-tied outfits together; attached notecards to each hanger & taken pix of each pre-assembled outfit & stored them in his iPhone (see pix above). It’s sick, I know. But Raul hates to dress himself & doesn’t care; I like to dress him &do care. So this works for us. From the belt to the socks to how to tuck in his shirt–I take care of it. The ONLY (& I mean ONLY) part I don’t care about is his underwear. I’d like to say one last thing: it’s really cool when you & your mate can mesh what one hates & the other loves, ’cause everybody wins. Just ask the Cuban! We’ve been doing this for 10 years & we both wouldn’t change a thing.

>Best Pres?


In our creative meeting, we had a tangent discussion on who’s the best U.S. Pres. One of the names we threw in the pool was Teddy Roosevelt, who once said, “The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” Now that’s a sharp quote. Though Teddy wouldn’t be my personal pick for the best U.S. President, I really respect his obvious wisdom here. Who would you pick for the best U.S. Pres?

>Got Vision?


This week
we heard the vision for our country
through President Obama.
Which was cool.

But this weekend,
we will hear God’s vision
through Pastor Troy.
Which is even cooler!

See you there!
Oh, hey, if you don’t live near any of our 5 campuses,
see it LIVE here from your computer



Couldn’t help but think of “Lord Helmet” in the movie, SpaceBalls when DJ did this.

Have you ever wanted to throw on a mask & hide? 
I can think of 2 reasons I’ve wanted to:
1. I did something wrong & I needed some time to hide from someone.
2. Someone did something wrong to me & I needed time to hide from them.

But neither reason is cool. It’s better to drop the mask. It’s easier to get around without one & it’s always better to show my face & let God shine through it.

>Bury me, please


Last night I fell asleep with the craziest thought: do I want to be buried or cremated? And before I was out, after some serious thinking, I decided I want to be buried. Burying lets me have a tombstone. A tombstone lets me have an epitaph. An epitaph lets me have a message. A message allows me to keep speaking after I’m not here to say it.People will be able to visit my tombstone and from it, I can SAY something about my God & how THEY can know Him too. I’m not sure how I’ll craft my concise tombstone message, but isn’t it cool that even when I’m 6 feet under there, God can still speak through me here? I just think that’s awesome.

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