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I Will Have Enough Time For This Day

Tonight, will you lay in bed, restless, because you have so much to do tomorrow? If this were a rhetorical question: GUILTY as charged.  Sometimes, it not only keeps me from falling asleep, it wakes me up in the middle of my sleep. This is not good. In the bible, Jesus had a very short window to get everything done. We have our whole lives–he had about 3 years.  To perfectly and brutally redeem the world, heal people, raise up a team, wash feet, preach, perform miracles, care for mom, clean out churches, raise people from tombs, comfort women at wells, just to name a few. He had a full agenda. He–of all people–should have had the burdens of the next day keeping him restless at night. But one very profound verse tells us that in the midst of chaos (and literal storm) he rested. Mark 4:38, But he was in the stern, asleep on the cushion. And they woke him and said to him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” This verse kicks my butt. But it also comforts me. If Jesus could get it all done in the very short window of time he had, So. Can. I.……So. Can. You.  Here’s the way I see it: if God didn’t think we could get done *what HE needs us to get done* in each day…He woulda made longer days. Don’t stress. You’ll have enough time for this day.

Don’t Fear, Do Hope

I heard a mentor say, “If you want wisdom, read Proverbs for thirty-one days.” Proverbs is thirty-one chapters, so you literally get a chapter-o-wisdom every day for a month. It’s like hooking my soul-vein up to an IV-drip with a bag of wisdom-plasma, every day! I highly prescribe it!  Today I read, “The fears of the wicked will be fulfilled; the hopes of the godly will be granted.” O M Geeeeeee!!!!! Coulda used this verse forty years ago when I first started trippin’ with unnecessary fear. Just in case you tried to skim, I’m typing it again: The FEARS of the wicked WILL be fulfilled; the HOPES of the godly WILL be granted. I am not wicked because I am God’s kid. Since I’m not wicked I don’t need, have, or want to fear. It’s not in my make-up. It’s not in my subconscious. It’s not in my past, present or destiny. I am godly and according to this TRUTH, my hopes will be granted. So will yours.  And our hopes “might be,” “perhaps,” “based on,” “depends if,” …. no. Our hopes WILL be granted. This verse–alone–should shrink our fears to raisins; and embolden our hopes to mountainous lava-tops. Tell your fears where to go. And give God your hopes. Expect your hopes, not your fears, to be granted. If you wanna join me in this 31-day Proverb Wisdom Tour, let me know. We’ll do it together!

Couple Thoughts on Suicide

When I was little, I remember a season where our home was somber. My Dad’s best friend, Craig, had taken his life and my dad had to identify his body. Over the last decade, I’ve had two childhood friends, a cousin and several in our community take their lives. I hurt *hard* for these families, friends and their losses. But I don’t understand the level of their loss. I can’t speak on their behalf. As someone who attempted suicide, I can speak on behalf of that. I have lived to see the goodness of God and his personal hand in a comeback. He determined the day I would arrive and I trust his timing on the day I will leave. It’s too big of a burden to be responsible for the coming and going of one’s life. If I would make myself a permanent victim of Suicide – I’d make hundreds/thousands more left to senselessly deal with it. No matter how deep the valley, how dark the sky, how slimy the pit, there are people who need me and you. We can not be replaced by anyone else. I love this verse about the preciousness of life when Jesus promised, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Some of us may feel like our life has been stolen, but with Jesus, we can get it back. I hope this encourages someone today.


Who is your enemy? Maybe you don’t have one. Take a minute to give God thanks for that. But maybe you have one. Either you made someone your enemy or they made you theirs. These are tough seasons. Everything in you wants to fight the enemy OR get even with the enemy OR get others to align with you against the enemy OR compromise your integrity for the enemy.  Several years ago, I had one. I had someone against me, who hurt me. And you bet my instinct was to do everything I just mentioned above. It was a tireless, daunting, full-time mental-job to work against my instinct and do as God would do…love them. Jesus said to love your enemies. If that isn’t a fleshly-contradiction, I don’t know what is! But it doesn’t matter if it’s a contradiction or in opposition to our instinct, God said do it. Because He’s mean? No. Because he modeled it at its worst, and love always wins. Jesus LOVED his enemies that betrayed, beat, whipped, abandoned, slapped, spit, nailed and murdered him. And HE WAS HUMAN with instincts, but He did not serve them. There’s an old saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” What if we give that an addendum? “Keep our friends close and our enemies close…because Jesus did and in the end, love wins.

Turn It Down For What?

I was listening to a radio program about noise vs. silence in our everyday lives.  It got me thinking, hence this post where I download my learnings.  By and large, we choose noise. Today, for example, I chose the noise of iTunes when I worked out. I chose the noise of “Mike and Mike” when I made breakfast for the boys. I chose noise when I decided to listen to the radio program that inspired this post.  I chose noise when I put the TV on in the background as I put away groceries. I think I’ve made my case.  And Jesus chose noise too. He chose to be in the noisy Temple when they turned it into a Festival Flea Market. He chose noise when He walked into a town, unwanted or unexpected. But in as much as Jesus chose noise, He also chose silence (if you want verses that back this up, email me). Which, of course, got me thinking. If Jesus chose silence, should I? I think I know the answer. There’s an old saying, “Silence is golden.” Guess what? Heaven is golden too! Maybe I’d have more moments of Heaven on Earth, if I chose more times to be silent in them…

When We HaveBouts of Doubt

Mass shootings, hurricanes, earthquakes…all in a short span can make the most seasoned of Christ-follower doubt God. Today I was thinking about some of the greatest biblical heroes, who ironically doubted Christ too:  Zechariah (Luke 1), John (Matthew 11), Thomas (John 20), and a Dad with a convulsing child (Mark 5). I specifically chose these because these guys were actually with Jesus Christ.  They had faith by believing AND seeing! Yet doubted.  I think about the two criminals on each side of Jesus on their execution trees. One doubted Christ his whole life, but in his final moment, converted to faith and entered Heaven.  Why didn’t the other criminal? In his last breaths, he not only opted out of faith in Jesus, but doubted and mocked Him to his face.  A couple weeks ago, Pastor David did a message (http://cbglades.com/current-serie?album_id=48), and said it’s OK to ask, “Why?”  Right now, in our world, it’s reasonable to doubt. There have been times I’ve doubted too. When I’ve fought the tempting voice of suicide, I’ve doubted God. God is life, my thoughts are anything but. “God? Are you there?”  But here’s what I know about my bouts of doubt: they’ve NEVER ran God off.  When He came into my heart, He came into my life, and all its doubts.  He’s not surprised, angry, or annoyed by my doubt. He can handle it. And it gives Him mighty miraculous moments to prove Himself faithful. I know you are living, and you might be doubting, but He’s still unconditionally loving–and never doubting–you.

When I Left Andy

Before I tell you what I did, I want to explain “leaving.” I’m not talking about a casual departure. I’m talking about a bad kind of leaving.  I’m talking about a “leaving” where it leaves a ghostly look on the face and a ghastly feeling in the heart.  So what did I do? In 2007, on a hot summer night in Florida, our family pulled into the garage. I swiftly grabbed my purse and groceries and went inside. There we were: Raul watching TV; DJ playing with his trucks; and me putting away groceries. “Raul, where’s Andy?” I asked. He said, “I don’t know.” I asked, “Didn’t you bring him in?” Raul asserted, “No, I thought you did.” I screamed, “Raul, we left him in the car!!” I ran to the garage, there was Andy in his car-seat in the car in the garage: no light, no sound, no way to be heard, no one to see him. A 2-year old who couldn’t help himself, where no one could help him. With a frozen, fearful countenance, he was tearing from his eyes. This is the bad kind of leaving. Though I doted on Andy for the rest of that night,  I couldn’t part with the fact that I left him. Years later, this begs a question: who’s left you?  Because if someone has left you in the proverbial garage, there is someone who never will… God. God will NEVER leave you. God will NEVER miss the sight of your tears or the sound of your silent cries. God will never close the door on His way to your heart. What I did to Andy, God will NEVER do to you. This world causes pain when it leaves us, doesn’t it? But God is not of this world. It may be human nature to leave. But it is God’s nature to stay. “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you” Deuteronomy 31:8 ❤️

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