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>Tour de South Beach

>Today was a cool day for its unexpected, peaceful & fun results. We spent it on Miami Beach (yrs ago, I used to work down there). Here’s our “wherever the wind takes us” itinerary:

  1. Miami Children’s Museum
  2. Cardozo’s on Ocean Drive
  3. Lummus Park & Public Beach
  4. Lincoln Rd Mall: Ghirardelli’s for ice-cream; the famous Follie’s, where I got a suh-weet shirt marked down 90%; and Christian Audigier’s, where I drooly but no spendy.

To me, Miami Beach is a trip to an uncharted world without a passport! When I’m there, I fully relish in the combined worlds of Old/Latin/Jewish & New/Diverse/Trendy. Everywhere you go, you catch this vibe in its architecture, cuisine & people. You really outta give it a shot. Lemme know if you do, I’ll SO go along for the ride!

>Protest in my Hood


Tonight, en route to our fav ice-cream shop, we passed a protest in our ‘hood. Such an unexpected scene that after we got home, I grabbed our camera to go back & get a pic. It was a group of Palestinian supporters, peacefully protesting with flags, signs & chants. Right away, DJ asked what was going on, (I let Raul take that one). As an American who cherishes freedom of speech & as a bible-reader who understands the deep blood running between theIsraelis & Palestinians, I’m still left undone by this. I wonder what God feels? Wonder what God wants?

>We All Want New Bodies…


Hey, hold up…I didn’t say it, God did! Check it out:

“For we know that when this earthly tentwe live in is taken down (that is, when we die and leave this earthly body), we will have a house in heaven, an eternal bodymade for us by God himself & not by human hands. We grow weary in our present bodies, & we long to put on our heavenly bodies like new clothing…” 2 Cor 5 
So ya live your life, take the good with the bad, take GOOD care of the bod He’s given you. But don’t beat yourself up so bad & do NOT be ruled by body-image thoughts. Like God said…it’s just a tent.

>TrendSpotting: 5 Retailers I’m Lovin!


Time for another trendspotting post. Love trendspotting & really enjoy sharing my finds with you. Here’s 4 retailers HIGH on my list right now:

  1. Whole Foods – healthy grocery store that fights for the environment. You can’t HELP but feel better about your lifestyle and planet when you’re there.
  2. Anthropolgie – a crock-pot store with little-bits-of-everything. A GREAT place to buy unique gifts that everyone else hasn’t already found and given.
  3. Sephora – a wrinkle, zit, nail, eyebrow, lip, smell-good paradise! My only beef with this store is I can NOT walk out w/ out buying something. There’s something in the air…
  4. Brimstone – Grrrreat food, atmosphere & menu selection. And the BEST dessert as far as the east is from the west: Peanut Butter Pie.

Have you been to any of these? Thoughts? Love to hear ’em!

>Four Free Books


I have 4 books to give away. No reason. Just feel like it.
1) “Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands” –about lessons in non-linear leadership
2) “It” – about how leaders get it and keep it
3) “Branding Faith” – about why some nonprofits impact culture and others don’t
4) “God’s Blogs – about what God might say on his blogsite

If you want one, just leave a comment & let me know which one & I’ll get it to you.
If you don’t live here, email me your address HERE & I’ll send it to you.

>9 Days, 4 Conclusions


After 9 days in the hospital, I came home tonight with 4 conclusions:

1. I have a condition in my lungs man can’t cure.

2. Life doesn’t come from cures, it comes from God.

3. I have the living, breathing, all-powerful, everywhere-at-one-time God in my life.

4. Thats all I need.


Last night & today, I received 2 tulip arrangements. My, oh, my, are they breathtaking! They added so much life to my sterile, white-walled room:

But today, DJ & I also received our own set of tulips. Two lips, that is! LOL!

What leadHership point can I possibly pull from this? Laugh. Laughter released from your trials is like steam released from a pressure cooker. Want good results from either? Let a little out.

>An 8th Day Portrait 4 U

>OK, took a couple days off from the hospital-posts cause I didn’t want to drive you away. But today, I had to offer a glimpse at what I FEEL like doing after 8 days of being horitzontal: 

Obviously, I’m gettin antsy. Looks like they’re gonna set this captive free on Wednesday. I’m really glad. Ever feel like this pic could describe one of YOUR days???

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