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>Would You Stop for Throw Up?


Yesterday, as we left our hotel, I carried Andy thru the lobby ’cause he had a fever. There were a lot of people–it was check-out time for the guests & the hotel was hosting some nationwide Model/Talent Search. Without any warning, Andy starting throwing up on himself, me, the lobby floor & the Poinsettia garden in front of us. In between his 3rd & 4th projectile-vomit blow, I summoned the garden caretaker to please get us a garbage bag. That’s when I noticed many people walking by, staring but not stopping. Now we were in the middle of a main thoroughfare, so if I had to guess, I’d say 15 people passed us by. I’m not angry they didn’t stop, but as the day went on, I flashbacked often, asking myself, “Would I have stopped? Throwing-up is totally gross & it’s also not life-threatening, so I’m curious: what’s the Good Samaritan etiquette for something like this?

>Birthdays and High Fives


Hey Everybody! Just want to ask you something and tell you something. First, the ask…Tomorrow is my very good bud’s birthday. We’ve had about 7 years of good times together & I love making a big whoop-de-do out of her birthday cause she’s just great and deserves the biggest of celebrations. Would you click here and wish her a Happy Birthday? Thanks! Now I want to tell you something. I just want you to know that you have endless potential. And that you make a difference in this worldbecause your handprints and footprints are in it. No other person could do what God has called you to do. No other person could “take your place” should you vanish tomorrow. You are the one and only. And if you haven’t been high-fived in awhile, I’m posting this high five to your hand. And even better, I’m praying you sense the applause of heaven in your heart!

>We’ve Never Talked About This Before


There are fears like elevators, spiders & roller coasters. And there are fears like rejection, death & criticism–fears we have, but we cannot reach. If I’m afraid of roller coasters, I can “reach out” to the merry-go-round. If I’m afraid of elevators, I can “reach” for the stairs. But what do we do with that other kind of fear?
I fear the prospect of rejection (a ton more than the action of it). This prospect has kept me on mental pins and needles with those I care about. It’s so stupid. But I’ve wrestled with this long enough that I have a prescription for it. If I feel that fear lurking, duringour worship, I’ll close my eyes & see the most crytal-of-clearest image of God reaching down and letting me jump up into His hands. His acceptance comforts me. You don’t have to share your fear here; but we sure would be encouraged by your prescription for it…


>Since Andy was about 12 mo.’s, he will eat a peach, in its entirty, in about 3 minutes. It’s hilarious! He barely comes up for air as he deeply enjoys this delectible fruit. Put candy or a peach in front of Andy…he’ll chose the peach, no doubt.
What I love is that my kids are pretty good about eating fruits in their original form.
Just the way God intended them to be.
What ONE fruit or veggie can you eat in its original form? Untouched, unprocessed, totally pure?



Tonight, Raul & I watched this flick called, “Miracle.”
I’ve never been a competing athlete, so I was stunned when I saw the brutality of training these athletes went through.
I learned that they sweated, they bled, they got chewed out, they got beat up, they got hurt, they got tortured with drills.
But they always got back up again.
What made these players get up?
What made these players stay in it?
What made these players not quit?
I learned it’s because they wanted to win.
It was that simple.
That’s hockey.
This if life.
How hard do I want to win at it?
How about you?
Your passion to win in your life is proportionate to the success you’ll get out of it. 
No pain; no gain.

>Unkind Words

>“You’ll never make it in Florida. When you get there and those people learn the real you, you’ll have to move back.” 

An unkind quote from an unkind friend, just weeks before I moved all by myself to South Florida.
That was 11 years ago.
I’m still here.
What others may intend for bad; God WILL do for good.
I’m so glad that her criticism didn’t get me down. Cause God used it to light the fire under my butt and set me out on a journey of a lifetime.
Someday, I hope I get the chance to thank her (really…I do)

>Hope Management

>I just read an amazing article by one of my fav.’s, John Ortberg. He wrote, The church is in the hope business. We of all people ought to be known most for our hope; because our hope is founded on something deeper than human ability or wishful thinking…And so hope endures when hype fades.”

YES! AMEN! Preach it, John!!!
Here’s my takeaway:
I want to be a hope manager. I want to be someone who says, “Yes WE can!” and “Yes YOU can!” At the end of my run here on planet Earth as a little leadHer, I hope I graduate from the school of hope management with honors! So God & I can look back and not just see a girl who led a mission but who managed alot of hope!

>Curse These Boots!

>First pride, then the crash—the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.(Prov. 16:18)

Let’s talk about that verse, shall we? Yesteday I had the privilege of tripping and falling down TWICE in front of people. I didn’t want to deny you the privilege of laughing your butt off so here are my reenactments (reenacted to a tee):
Look, here’s the deal….all I kept thinking was maybe there’s some pride somewhere in me? Maybe it was merely a spec (cause I sure as heck didn’t know it was there)….but Christ, who is without pride, can not reside in a life where there is any. And let me tell ya…a sure-fire way to be rid of pride is to wipe-out in front of people. Amen?
OK, but now, get this: These boots are made by Nike. They are called Nike-Air boots. But I can’t help but wonder if Nike Airbornemight have been a better name

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