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>Done with Drama


OK, so here’s something I’ve never told you: I’ve had drama-queen tendencies. This is certainly difficult to blog about because its downright embarassing; and I’m still in recovery for it. But I’ve lived with myself long enough that I can put my drama in 2 categories: drama queen and real drama.
Drama Queen Heather – makes a bigger deal out of the crisis than is needed. She tells more people than care to know or need to know. She often brings this crisis on herself. She stunts her potential because she delays her progress.
Real Drama Heather – makes an ordeal out of a crisis with GOD FIRST. She proceeds to tell only a few, who will care, who will empathize, who will pray. She EXPECTS a speedy recovery. She stays quieter only because she desperately wants to hear God’s whisper.
And that’s all I have to say about that.
I’d love to know if any of you relate to this, but maybe its too personal to ask??

>If You Feel Left Out, This One’s For You


The thing that breaks my heart the most is rejection. Probably because I endured quite a bit of it growing up. I don’t think anything cuts the heart deeper than rejection. With everything in me, if you are feeling left out, this one’s for you…
Jesus didn’t get to be on the panel;
Jesus didn’t get to be nominated;
Jesus didn’t get to be treated as VIP;
Jesus didn’t get to be popular by the popular.
He was here to fulfill heaven’s vision and because He was faithful…
Jesus DID get to be seated at the Father’s right hand;
Jesus DID get to conquer the grave;
Jesus DID get to make the biggest kingdom-difference;
Jesus DID get to reach His eternal potential.
When you get passed by, looked over, rejected or misunderstood…
You just remember the things that Jesus DID get to do,
and you let that be your fire to keep doing what you’re doing.

>My Schwety Playlist


I try to do some workout everyday. But because I’m random and compulsive….so is my workout routine. Sometimes, I do a 2-mile run. Sometimes, I only do 25 mins of weights & cardio. On days when my back hurts, I do yoga. In South Florida, on the Oxygen Channel, there is a 1-hr yoga program called Inhale. It’s challenging, I LOVE it! Sometimes when I’ll be sitting on my butt all day in meetings, but it’s not a workout day, I do situps. Here’s some of the tunes on my workout playlist. Working out to these songs make me feel like Rocky punching the beef as I hear them!
Mama Said Knock You Out
Looking for You
Ain’t No Other Man
Independent Woman
I See You Baby
Wanna Praise You
Hey Ya!
Hips Don’t Lie
Blue Monday
Gonna Lift Your Name
Hip Hop Hooray
I Am Free

>Rev’ed Me


This morning, I started reading Hebrews. I’ve never paid attention to this verse before, but it rev’ed me up! “The Son is the RADIANCE of God’s GLORY and the EXACT representation of his being, sustaining ALL things by his powerful word.”
Obviously, the emphasis is mine, but just look at these words!
RADIANCE of God’s glory – He is not dull, He is not budge, He is not average.
EXACT representation – I don’t HAVE to serve unknown, many gods; I GET to serve One who is 3 in 1, but never duplicated.
sustaining ALL things – We’re kids of a Father who put gravity, balance, equilibrium, order and stability into all things. Into me. Into you. Into every thing He created. 
I’m so grateful I get to be with God in Heaven, but I’m so relieved that I get to walk with Him on Earth. Aren’t you?

>It’s Our Anniversary


Today is our anniversary. We got hitched 9 years ago on this day. Raul and I don’t make a big deal out of our anniversary. Never have, probably never will. We don’t make special plans, we don’t give special gifts. To outsiders, it may seem irreverant or unromantic. Not to us. The reason today is like any other day is because for us, EVERY day is an anniversary. When you get as close to divorce as Raul and I did 8 years ago and you nearly kill yourself putting the marriage back together….still waking up to the same person offers a daily unspoken appreciation and a strong celebration.
Hey, Cuban…Thanks for sticking with me. I know you could have found an easier one to hitch up to, but that’s just like you to go for the challenge. And everyday I’m grateful you did. Love, Heath

>Life’s Like a Box of Playdoh


I think life’s like play-doh. We’re born (the container is opened) and there we are….a lump of play-doh on the table. The times when I’ve let the world mold me, I felt like the world looked and asked, “What’s that suppose to be?” But when I let GOD mold me, the world still looks, but they don’t need to ask.They know what they see: something that’s been shaped in the image of Him. When God makes something out of us, there are no questions, there is no uncertainty. Oh, sure, God’s had to break me down and REmold me. He’s even had to put me through the Dr. Drill and Fill a few times!

But when we let God be the hands that molds the play doh, two great things happen on the play doh table: The world takes note of who we are in Him;and so do we.

>Where the heck’s my purse??

>I was walking to my car with my mom, my 2 kids, my purse, my iPhone, DJs backpack, Andy’s school papers, conversing with my friend Melissa, while holding DJs hand, while keeping an eye on Andy, while starting the car, while putting Andy in his carseat, talking to my mom, yelling at DJ to sit down….when we finally took off to get lunch. Arriving at the restaurant parking lot, I shriek in terror, “OH MY GOSH! MOM! I think I left my purse on the hood of my car!” My Mom goes into rational-mode (to offset my psycho-mode) and comes up with the plan, “I’ll keep the boys here and get lunch, YOU leave NOW and find that purse!” So I’m driving at a turtle-pace, down the busy highways & byways, looking for the worst: my purse and all its belongings blowing like tumbleweed down Flamingo Road.

Meanwhile, my mom sits down for lunch with my boys and leads them in prayer that mommy will find her purse. I make it all the way back to parking lot where the chaos started. Lo and behold, look what I found:

Somebody throw me a bone here and tell me I’m NOT the only one who does stupid things like leave her identity, money, iPhone, credit cards, etc. in a purse, along a curb, by a bush?!
So whatta ya do with moments like these?

>I’ve Screwed Up


Last March, we launched a website called ivescrewedup.com. Although our ivescrewedup.com series only lasted 11 weeks, the website has relentlessly forged ahead. To date, we’ve had some 200,000 visitors to the site and 100,000 confessions. Just last week,my pastor was interviewed again. See interview here. Intermittently, the argument has been raised that you can’t confess thru a website. I challenge that argument and I welcome the debate. God is everywhere, everytime, available to everyone…which makes Him God. And a broken person, typing with a sincere heart, can meet God right where they are, even at a computer. At times, the anonymonity of this site has been tough for me because I can’t reach out to them, but everyday, I’m praying and believing God is. Hey, right now, if you’re heavy-hearted about something, go here and get it off your back.

‘Cause confession is good for the soul; and the soul feels good when it confesses.



Andy’s only been talking for a year and a half, and there are alot of consonants he can’t enunciate. Additionally, his brain processes words faster than his mouth can say them, so Andy is often misunderstood.
Andy has wanted more of something yet we walked away as if he was done.
Andy has not felt well yet we made him finish his dinner anyway.
Andy has wanted to be picked up yet we walked away.
For Andy, there’s been tough moments where he’s wanted us to know so badly what he’s saying yet we didn’t.
Most of the time I’m there to “translate” for him but I feel bad for the times I haven’t been.
Sometimes, I’ve just had to confess, “Andy, I don’t understand what you are saying.”
And ‘though he keeps saying it over and over, we don’t get anywhere except frustrated.

I just want you to know that God has never misunderstood you.
When you’ve cried and had no words….He knew exactly what you were saying.
When you’ve only moaned, uttered, or winced, God knew.
He doesn’t misunderstand you. He doesn’t get confused by you.
And nobody will ever have to translate to God for you.
If He’s in your heart, He always knows what you’re saying from it.

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