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>Rock the Vote


Did you know that when the President of the United States travels by motorcade from the White House to the Capitol, they do not stop at any redlights?
I just learned that.
These days, I’m watching alot of election coverage. I’m not politically savy, so I need to watch…I have alot to learn.
One thing I think is very cool is the DIVERSITY among the candidates: the very old to a woman to an African American to a pastor. What a bunch!
If the Presidential vote was tomorrow, do you know who you’d vote for? Hum….



Tonight, 21 of us went to see U2-3D at theIMAX theatre. A motley crew of gender, age, ethnicity, image, interests and experience. We even had 2 from another country join us!
So how can we be diversified yet unified?
How can we be one but we’re not the same?
Who knows.
All I know is if 21 Heather’s went tonight, it wouldn’t have been as fun or memorable.
I hope you have a team. There is an exciting piece of life we miss out on if we do life alone.
But it’s a Beautiful Day when we’re part of a team! The Desire for team is from the Creator Himself. And it’s In the Name of Lovethat God put us together, as different as we are, on One planet (even though He created nine planets!)

>Turning Crusty


If you are young, I am here to prepare you; if you are old, I am here to empathize with you. Here’s what happens when you turn the corner from “chipper” to “crusty” (or what I’m experiencing, anyway):

  1. Your plumbing can’t handle stuff like it used to. Kids can swallow nails & pennies and be just fine. I eat a salad and I’m paying for hours.
  2. Lines show up. Allow me to differentiate: you get LONGITUDE lines around your mouth; you get LATITUDE lines across your forehead. I’m turning into Rand McNally.
  3. You need more sleep. When I was 20, I’d party til 4am and go to work at 8am. Maybe we need more sleep ’cause our bodies need it. OR…maybe it’s God way of getting us to stop partying?
  4. Your skin changes. It’s been in this 30-something range where I’ve experienced the world’s biggest zits. And if you are really lucky, after Mr. Zit goes away, he leaves a beautiful discoloration behind…so you’ll NEVER forget he stopped by.
  5. What are these little tiny red things? They’re much smaller than moles or freckles. There’s like 2 of them on me. Can someone please tell me what these are? If I knew they weren’t anything dangerous, I’d almost think they were cute.
It’s all good, though. I might be fighting my gravity, but I’m embracing my miracle that I’m still here and God’s not finished with me yet.

>Came to my Rescue

>I’m borderline-annoying with the amount of times I request this song at church:
Falling on my knees in worship
Giving all I am to seek Your face
Lord all I am is is Yours…
…I called, You answered
And You came to my rescue and 
I wanna be where You are
(click here to check it out)
I know why I have such an affinity to this song, but I’ve never shared why.
Three times God came to my rescue. The 1st was when I put myself in a perilous situation at a highschool party in 1989. The 2nd was when I was ambulanced to a psych ward in 2000. And the 3rd was when my lungs took a critical turn w/ one of my pneumonia bouts in 2003.
In those moments, all I could do was call on God.
I didn’t have time to figure things out.
I didn’t know how to find my way out.
I didn’t want to give up.
So I called on God. And all 3 times, He came to my rescue.
And I will live the rest of my life living out the beginning of that song….
falling on my knees in worship, giving all I am to seek His face.

>A Lamb, a Baby, a Cat


It was hard to make the permanent decision to not have more kids. I’ve prayed about this alot, asking God to give me peace but to also give me occasional opportunities to nurture. Last weekend, God granted me the opportunity, TWICE! My bro and his wifey had a baby boy, Anthony. I got to love on him alot at the hospital.

I also got to keep & care for my pastor’s prop (a lamb) at my home. Now these fixes could’ve pacified my nurture-need for months. That is, until today. For the first time in my life, I hit an animal and took its life. I was so upset. All I knew to do was cry out to God. Folks, do you know there’s just nothing I can do apart from God? One day, I’m thanking God for the opportunities to nurture; the other, I’m imploring Him to take away an animal’s suffering. Two TOTALLY polar instances, one God who’s there for both

>Kind of Crappy Day


Help me with this, folks. I start my day off on some ethereal clock that says 7:30 (when it’s really 8:30). And it’s all downhill from there. Cutting one meeting short, late to another, driving like a maniac, people waiting for me, people not waiting anymore; I’m fuming, impatient, embarrassed, yada, yada, yada…
What is the success-formula for starting your day off wrong???
‘Cause we don’t get do-over’s; and make-up attempts to those we afflict sound so petty and pithy: “I’m sorry, it’s just that I don’t know how to tell time.” Please!
I’m wracking my brain wondering what Jesus did when he had these kinds of mornings….but he’s Jesus, so did He?
I need a formula, I’ll even take a theory. Anything is better than just plowing through the rest of a bad-start day and ending it that way.

>Driving with Your Knee

>Last week, I was driving Andy to preschool, when he asked, “Mommy, why awn’t your hands on tah teering-wheel?” I told him that sometimes I drive with my knee. He didn’t like that. So I put my hands back on the steering wheel. Today, while driving solo

, I caught myself driving WITH my knee, WHILE texting, ON the Interstate. Scary.
Often, the parallel is made that God is the driver and we are the passenger. And now I know why.
God never takes His hands off the steering wheel. 
He has never been distracted on the roadtrip of your life. 
He doesn’t take calls; He doesn’t steer with knees, He doesn’t carry on conversations. He doesn’t even blink.
On the roadtrip of my life, in the passenger seat, I can get drowsy, motion-sick, worried or distressed, but that’s why I’m not the one driving. 
God has to be the driver; I get to be the passenger.
Andy’s probably wishing for that too. : )

>A Sinner’s Post; Another Sinner’s Reply

>Dear whoever,
My name is….well, it doesn’t matter; you don’t know me anyway. But I’ve got to get this out & I’m not ready to take this to people, so I’ll take it to this keyboard. I’ve really screwed up. As a matter of fact, I am a screw-up. I don’t feel like I could live for God because I’m too far from where He is. Don’t get me wrong, I know God. When I was a kid, I invited him into my heart. But now that all the naivety and innocence is gone, I think God is too. You just don’t know how bad it is. I’ve done, seen, and been the worst. What can God do with someone like that?
a screw up

Dear screw-up,
I’m one too. I lived a miserable life for a long time. I was far from God always thinking, “Why bother finding my way back?” But I didn’t, ’cause God found His way to me. I can’t share with you the condition God found me in, but I can tell you it was a shameful place. And when He did, He entered quietly & gracefully. It’s like He knew the last thing I needed was loud and forceful. And like my pastor shared this weekend…He tapped me. Hey, listen, there’s alot of people God’s done this for.And I’m gonna ask them to leave a comment to let you know that. Cause we want you to know you’re not the only one; and God won’t give up on you, even if you were.
another screw up, Heather

>I Did It!

>Today was my first gymnastic lesson. I was embarrassed & nervous as I walked up, wondering what the staff & students were thinking when they saw this grown woman beaming with little-girl excitement. But this was it!! Literally carrying around 26 years of unfulfilled business and here I was, ready to fulfill it. Coach Dave is so cool! He’s from my hometown area and he has the same accent as me! I also got to meet his wife (an accomplished coach herself) and their 3 very talented daughters (must run in the family). Anyway, it was a fulfilling & exhilarating hour that I can’t WAIT to repeat next Friday!! If any of you are interested, click here, they have openings!! Oh, wait…how’s my body, you say?Well…

here’s what I looked like at the lesson:

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