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Tonight, after dinner, DJ hopped up on Raul’s lap & had some questions:“So that person (satan) isn’t a monster, is he?”
“What does the bad-angel (satan) do to people when they go there (hell)? 

“Why did someone kill the dark man (MLK Jr.)?
“If they shot him because he was dark…will they shoot you because you are brown?”
“Where did the man go who killed the dark man (MLK Jr.)?
I share this because it’s cute, but I think it’s also something else…
a sincere exchange between a godly one and a seeking one.
And maybe in our “big-people” world, others are thinking the same things….they just aren’t asking ’em.

>I Have an Announcement!

>When I was 8, I started gymnastic lessons. 
When I was 10, I had to quit. 
The reason I quit doesn’t keep me up at night; not finishing has. 
For 24 years, there’s been a tiny piece of real estate occupying the corner of my heart with a sign that reads: unfinished.
Well that’s gonna change.
I just got off the phone with a local gymnastics- coach and this Friday, I start private lessons.
I’m coming back, folks & I’m finishing what I started: a successful round-off back handspring.
I can’t believe this coach is going to work with a no-future, middle-aged mom like me.
And if I wasn’t so freakin’ excited about this, I think I’d be embarrassed that I’m sharing it with you!

“I don’t know about you, but I’m running hard for the finish line. I’m giving it everything I’ve got.”1 Cor 9:26, TM



  • Prostrate: to cast (oneself) face down on the ground in humility, submission, or adoration.
  • This word is used 13 times in the Old Testament of the NIV.
  • Tonight I read them all.
  • This one spoke the loudest: the oracle of one who hears the words of God, who has knowledge from the Most High, who sees a vision from the Almighty, who falls prostrate, and whose eyes are opened (Num. 24:16)
  • I wonder why prostrating was more of an action in the OT than the NT?
  • I wonder if it’s just a thing of the past?
  • I wonder if God wishes it was more part of the present?

>So whatta ya pray?

>1/11/08, 6:30am
I am journaling my prayers, the last entry reads: “God, please do a purifying in me today, especially before I teach for you this Sunday.”
1/12/08, 1:00-3:00am:
I’m bowing at the toilet, barfing my brains out. In between explosive barfing, I’m huddled on the cold tile in a fetal position, moaning. Dehydrated, cramping, sweating. As I project my dinner beyond the porcelain bowl onto the bathroom walls, I am praying, “God, please help me!
1/13/08, 9:30am:
I am at our 
Doral campus, getting ready to walk out on stage to teach to the congregation. My stomach muscles are still sore;
my appetite isn’t quite restored…..But my body has surely been purified.
Perhaps one had to do with the other, you know the old adage, “Be careful what ya pray for!”
Or, perhaps, it just simply means that 
Legal Seafoods should change their name to Illegal Seafoods because they served me bad steamers!!!!



I have a good bud who doesn’t attend the same church as me, nor shares the same faith. 
However, due to the beautiful level of respect we’ve built for each other, 
she kindly accepted my invitation to attend my church over Christmas. 
Which was a really cool answer to a long-awaited prayer. 
Well, this morning she shared with me that on Christmas morning, her extended family vocally ganged up on her for going to 
They questioned her loyalties–to her faith and to her family.
And this has just about killed me.
I’ve thought about it all day: the unfairness to her; the helplessness in me.
It seemed like I was on such a clear mission for her. Albeit slow, at least it was going smooth.
Not sure where to go from here.

>Smile-Counting, Day 2

>As a follow-up to yesterday, according to my little tally sheet, I smiled 29 times in a 15-hr day. Now I don’t have a clue what that means, scientifically or psychologically. But it was interesting to note why I smiled and to whom I smiled. Some highlights:

  • smiled when a coworker said something funny to me
  • smiled when another coworker & I worked on a video
  • smiled watching DJ & Andy do their stunt show
  • smiled when I greeted the Pest Control guy
  • smiled when I chatted with the bagger at Publix (then gave him an invite to my church!)
  • and smiled when DJ drew this picture:

  • DJ was drawing a picture of what he endearingly coined, “special people.” When he was done, I asked him who these two special people were. He said Pastor Allen and Pastor Troy (look close enough & you’ll be able to tell who’s who). As a mama-bear, this made me smile. A 5-yr old, void of a home where God is, could have drawn a myraid of things. Of which could have disheartened his mommy. But DJ drew a picture of 2 godly guys. I’m sure God is smiling at DJ too.



There’s an old adage, “turn that frown upside down.” And I once heard it said that more wrinkles are created by frowning than smiling. So tomorrow (from 6am to 10pm) I’m gonna tally how many times I smile. ‘Cause I have this terrible feeling that my frowns far outweigh my smiles. And if that’s the case, I’ve got some self-evaluating to do. And here’s why: How many times has God wanted to show Himself thru my smile, but couldn’t because my frown was in the way? 
Has my smiling become such a rare commodity, that it’s seen as peculiar instead of contagious?
Well, we’ll find out alot after my smile results come in.

>I Dropped My iPhone in the Toilet


Yes, you read that correctly. My 2-yr old and I were in the world’s tiniest bathroom stall when I fumbled my iPhone and dropped it into the PUBLIC toilet…GROSS! To boot, it was after we had done our business…. 
Here’s a replay: 

So not only did I have to stick my hand in the nasty toilet bowl to rescue my little iPeePhone, but I had to fidget with it as I attemptediPhone-CPR. And you can’t wash, rinse or sanitize it (though 1 chic suggested I put some Clorox on it…hello???). So I guess I’m thankful that nobody will EVER want to use my iPhone, though it still remains that I have to. I salvaged most of it, just one injury: the on/off button doesn’t work anymore. So I have an iPhone that will never shut off. So what’s my point? Are you wondering how can I possibly spin this into some leadHership principle? Wanna bet a new iPhone that I can? Our things: our cars, our jewels, investments & toys – they aren’t bad. God’s richly blessed us with a democracy & economy to have them. I just have one piece of advice: Hold your things in open palms….not clenched fists. When we do, it communicates 2 powerful things: 
1. “God, these are yours to take; not mine to keep.” 2. “World, my palms may hold my temporary things; but my heart holds my permanent Savior.”


>In college, my favorite prof was my business prof, Bill Wilson. He introduced me to the Rule of MBWA (pronounced “mah-bwuh”). Which stands for, “Management By Walking Around.”

Today, Raul & I MBWA’ed. We stepped outside of our area of management (Flamingo Road Church) to walk around and see it in others (Christ Fellowship Church and Fellowship Church).
Instead of being participators or spectators, we were INVESTIGATORS.
Thru investigative eyes, I took notes, asked questions, networked & learned. I felt encouraged, challenged, intrigued AND reassured–all from just MBWA-ing!
If you are an at-home CEO or a corporate CEO;
if you are moving up the ladder or just stepping onto the first rung; if you’re in it for a profit or in it for a non-for-profit, we ALL gain when we MBWA. Because…
always looking on the inside, will never get us as far
as when we take time to walk around on the outside!

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