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>Heroes: Somaly Mam


 Most of you know I watch Larry King almost every night. 
Tonight, he had a special program called, “Heroes.” It’s running in conjunction with aCNN special to air this Thursday. 
I am blogging about this particular episode because I was especially moved by his guest, Somaly Mam. She was nominated in a CNN 5-month global process to find everyday heroes doing extraordinary things.
As I watcher Larry interview her, I was seeing a woman who exhibits exterior and interior heroism….in her veins as well as in her actions.
She didn’t initiate something, until she camethrough something.

You can read about her past, here and here 
(but toughen up…it’s tough to take in).
You can also read about the futures she is changing, here.
A hero? Somaly Mam? To me, someone with a burden within and a causewithout.
Who is yours?

>”Hope’s” Update; Divine Answers


We’ve dialogued about a girl named, “Hope.”It’s my joy to bring you up to speed.

It’s been so difficult to get to know her….but the one thing I’ve come to know is she doesn’t trust easily. I’ve been taken aback by her inability to make eye contact. The way she looks at the floor and uses her long hair to veil her pretty face. But if I had walked in hershoes, I’d probably do the same.
I have good news: she came to church tonight.
The message she heard? God’s Love Sign to the Persecuted.
The miracle I witnessed? Her persecuted journey paused at God’s front door.
Without disclosing too much, there was this divine connection of dots that led her there.
I am so grateful and so indebted to their obedience to the nudge that I’d like to thank these “dots”:
“You guys” for praying for her.
“You guys” for creating a reason for her to come.
“You guys” for taking time to talk to her, even if she wouldn’t look at you.
“You” for challenging me to invite.
I’ll never know what it’s like to be young girl in a foreign land, or to be in an abusive relationship or
to have no mommy and daddy. “I’m sorry, Hope, I can not relate to you in these ways.”
“But Hope…your God can, and tonight, your God did.”

>2 Buckets; 2 Boys

>Tonight, Raul took care of Andy and DJ so I could knock out some Christmasshopping. Here is the photo he showed me of their evening together…

 Some of you may recognize these buckets as the ones we use at my church to collect the tithe & offerings. I find it quite interesting that these semi-sacred vessels for our gifts back to God ended up on the heads of two boys who’s father happens to be one of the pastors at this church. Sorry, but I don’t have any profound leadership advice to tie to this. But at the very least….laugh, it’s good medicine. : )

>Where Do Babies Come From?


 As a kiddo, I had a vivid imagination. My environment and circumstances fostered this: growing up on a farm; growing up with only brothers; growing up as the frequent new kid on the block.
These sorts of things left me to…well…to me and my imagination! 

I’m grateful for this, its allowed me to journey back into my world. Hey, wanna take a trip with me?
It was like 1979, I was with my mom, we were driving near an intersection in Bowling Green, Ohio, when I noticed pink, plastic, blow-up Easter bunnies in a storefront window. And so…in my own little imaginary world, I mustered up the conclusion that that’s where babies come from. Like the plastic bunnies, babies are plastic & on display in a store window too. When mommies & daddies want a baby, they buy one from the store. Then, one of the store-people “adds” the life, turning plastic-blow-up-baby into a real-life one.
That’s either quite an imagination or quite a hallucination!
But it makes me laugh. What a matter-of-fact, innocent conclusion I had come to as a kid!
Either way, let me encourage you. If you had a vivid imagination as a kid, and have a vivid memory as an adult, don’t take that for granted. Truly, give God thanks. And seriously, start writing those memories down

>Moonbeamed to Mexico


 Today,Pastor Arturo& his family were extremely hospitable and generous to have a few of my buds & myself to his home for a REAL Mexican lunch. But for me? The REAL went way beyond the food. It was a real atmosphere of real people; it was a real enlightenment of another culture & it was REALLY good chow! No lie, man, the entire experience felt like I had been moonbeamed right down to Mexico City into a beautiful hacienda itself. Thank you, Arturo and family. We were blessed by this experience, thanks for making it happen. Visit Steph’sblog to hear her take of it too!

There is a world beyond the daily one we live in–and we should always be looking for ways to get to know it!

>Bathroom Literature??


 Many homes keep Reader’s Digest in the bathrooms. This is a shame! This magazine is such a sophisticated compilation of current events, brain-teasers, and inspiring stories; the bathroom seems like such an insulting location! Anyway, one of my fav’s in RD is “Word Power.” Leaders have power, so do words, so leader-power & word-power go hand-in-hand. This month, RD pulled 14 (of the 100) new words officially added to the Webster dictionary. 
Tell me how you scored and I’ll tell ya how I scored! Good luck!

  1. abaya (n.) – A: loose-fitting robe. B: rice dish. C: temporary inactivity.
  2. viewshed (n.) – A: political observation. B: visible environment. C: border watchtower.
  3. bobo (n.) – A: online posting error. B: bourgeois bohemian. C: devoted friend.
  4. yellowcake (n.) – A: rich severance package. B: deadly fungus. C: uranium ore.
  5. andropause (n.) – A: drop in air pressure. B: decrease in testosterone. C: time during computer restart.

>Cracks in the Elevator


Ever since Andy took his first step, he has stepped over the elevator “cracks.”
We’ve never told him to do this, he just does. I was thinking about this…

Andy has always been so much bigger than those elevator cracks, yet healways steps over them. How could he look at these thin, little slats & actually think he’d fall through?
What triggers this fear in his little mind? I rest easy ’cause I know Andy will outgrow this,
but indulge me a little…what if he didn’t?
What if Andy avoided elevator cracks the rest of this life based on the premise, “Hey, its just something I’ve always been afraid to do? “
Can you imagine? 
Andy is a kid—he’ll have little, unfounded fears that he’ll soon outgrow.
But as adults–do we have little, unfounded fears we’ve yet to outgrow?


Joel Osteen stretched me in his first book, the way he prays for the seemingly insignificant things. Since reading that, I’ve never felt silly about doing the same. I know 2 people who have lost something. Perhaps insignificant to us, but certainly significant to them. 
My man, Raul, lost his iPhone today. It has really bummed him out, and I feel bad for him.


And my friend, Oana lost her bible. She’s had this her entire Christian life. It had memories, photographs, and her love notes to God. I feel bad for her too.

Let’s pray that if these items are in the hands of another, that he or she would have Good Samaritan hands and return them to their faithful, rightful owners.
LATER ON THIS DAY: Our home phone rang. It was a young guy named Alex. He found Raul’s iPhone at the movie theater and went thru Raul’s contacts til he found a # for our home. When Raul went to the theater to get his iPhone, he met Alex & offered him a cash reward…twice. Alex refused both times. Alex actually knew Raul because his family members attend our church & Alex had heard them mention his name before. Alex is only 17; Alex doesn’t go to church. But Alex is who God elected to answer our prayers for this. And now, we pray God answers ours by using this to show Himself to Alex.
THE NEXT DAY: I received a call from Jen Jaquith. She had read my blog and was aware of this missing bible. Well, get this!!! Today, she was in Room 126 at the church & she saw a bible. When she opened it, she discovered it was Oana’s!!!
I had NO idea this post would end the way it did. I’d like to close it with 2 things.
1. To God: “Thank you!”
2. To You: “PRAY about EVERYTHING–Christ died for your life & He cares about the littlest details of it!”



Alrighty, I know you’re feelin’ it, shout if you’re with me! 
If we can PRAISE God with ABCs, we can THANK God with ABCs, amen?!C’mon, man, let’s go for it. 
And BIG props to anyone who comes up with thanks for the letters Q, X, and Z!!

I’ll get this party started….
God, we thank you for:

A – I’m thankful for AMERICA

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