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>In college, my favorite prof was my business prof, Bill Wilson. He introduced me to the Rule of MBWA (pronounced “mah-bwuh”). Which stands for, “Management By Walking Around.”

Today, Raul & I MBWA’ed. We stepped outside of our area of management (Flamingo Road Church) to walk around and see it in others (Christ Fellowship Church and Fellowship Church).
Instead of being participators or spectators, we were INVESTIGATORS.
Thru investigative eyes, I took notes, asked questions, networked & learned. I felt encouraged, challenged, intrigued AND reassured–all from just MBWA-ing!
If you are an at-home CEO or a corporate CEO;
if you are moving up the ladder or just stepping onto the first rung; if you’re in it for a profit or in it for a non-for-profit, we ALL gain when we MBWA. Because…
always looking on the inside, will never get us as far
as when we take time to walk around on the outside!

>Dedicated to the One I Hate


I hate the cliche, “green with envy,” because envy is hardly green. God said, “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” Rots my bones? Envy is black, man! Because anything that rots turns black. UGH!
Now, j
ealousy is an attitude toward another person; envy is an attitude toward another person’s success. Double UGH!
Here’s the dealio – envy started in Genesis 1 and we’re still writing its history. It’s a dark part of our human nature & virtually untreatable without God.
Envy is always just around my corner: as I constantly strive to do my best, there’ssomeone else doing better.
I am deathly afraid of envy because I’ve seen its demise in my past. So this post is dedicated to the one I hate: the little-envy Heather, dormant but not dead, inside big-girl Heather. So what am I gonna do? Pray hard! And keep my ruthless resolve to not let little-envy Heather make a comeback.
Look, we’re gonna suck and fail at things, but do we want envy to be one of them? Envy is such an embarrassing, senseless, futile thing to fail at. Anybody with me?

>Ferris Wheels


Raul has always been afraid of thrill rides. It’s something he doesn’t prefer & it’s something he does fear. In spite (& for the first time in decades), he hopped on a Ferris wheel so that our little Andy-man could experience it for the first time.

And boy did he! Raul said Andy could barely catch his breath due to his exhilaration.
Don’t you just know that Jesus did the same for us? Don’t you just know that He put ALL of Himself aside, so that we’d almost be catching our breath from the exhilaration of a life with Him in it? What do I want for 2008? I want to see my life thru the spokes of a Ferris wheel.
I want to be exhilarated by the views of each day; more so at the fact that God is like Andy’s daddy in this picture below….seated next to us, enjoying our life withus.

>Random Starbux Stuff


OK, so I’m at Starbux. I can’t help but hear the convo that’s going on at the table in front of me. I almost feel like I should move. It seems this woman is managerially over this guy. It also seems she is evaluating him (based on her papers, posture, and very frank feedback). So this leads to one question and one principal:
1. Where is the line between eavesdropping and overhearing? What one would you say I did? You can see the proximity of me to them in the photo…you decide.
2. If you and me have to evaluate or reprimand each other, let’s not do it at one of the most HIGHLY visible, HIGHLY busiest places of business, k? This poor guy! Just how comfortable can an employee be having a private evaluation in a public place?
OK, well, packing up my things. I’ve heard enough….literally!

>After-I-Die Resolutions

>I feel like talking about what happens after I die. Death is something I’ve never felt scared to discuss. Here are some things that matter after I die and why:
1. I don’t want a funeral service; I want an 
FRC service. Look, my funeral is where I’ll have the best chance of getting those I’ve tried to reach all my life to finally come to church. So IAM gonna leverage that. And 
RickyFullerAllen, and Heredes….you better include “Came to My Rescue.”

2. If the service would include some kind of video-montage, I hope the video shows the good, the bad, AND the ugly. Again, considering the lost ones I love in the audience, I don’t want them to remember me as a girl who had it all together. ‘Cause, you see…though I accepted Jesus when I was 4, I’ve needed His reacceptance everyday thereafter. The video should reflect that reality.
3. I’ve gone back and forth on whether to be buried or cremated and concluded that I want to be buried. Perhaps this will sound quite imprudent, but you can’t write anything on your ashes. Writing has been God’s main vehicle thru me & you can write on a tombstone. Maybe something like: “Man, just one dumb lamb following one awesome Shepherd!” And then Matthew 18:11-13. Just the address, not the verse, so that folk can go to the bible & look it up.
4. Let’s not have Raul speak at the service. He’ll need to be all-Dad that day. Besides, public speaking messes up his insides.
5. The invitation at the end? If Troy & Steph are up to it, it needs to be them. I’ll leave the creative part of it to the creative planning team, and spend as much money as you want, right Raul? : )
6. Just not feelin’ it to have this event divided into 3 parts (viewing, service, burial), just want a service. Again, highly considering my lost loved ones, I want the service to be their lasting impression….not me being lowered into the ground.
Well, that’s all I have for now. Not quite sure how to end this other than I hope you know where you stand with God…if not, your butt better be at my funeral!

>I’m Baaaaaack

>Hey Everybody! I’m on vacation at the tippy-top of a Smoky Mountain–where the view is breathtaking and the reception stinks! Anywho, finally got a connection!

Yesterday, on Fox News, there was a segment on the scandals of 2007. You could text in your vote. Some of the nominees: Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Marion Jones,Scooter Libby, Dennis Nfong, Don Imus, Michael Vick, Larry Craig.
All LEADERS in their own right.
Now I’ve never been nominated for anything good (homecoming queen, class president) nor elected for anything bad. So I can’t say I’m blogging about this from personal experience. But I feel bad for these people (some more than others). And I’ve wondered what they, as leaders, are thinking; and what their followers are thinking too?
You know the best Leader of all was perceived to be scandalous; however, simulataneously known to be without sin.
Are we, as leaders, ever above the perception of scandal? Nope!
But I hope we never have the nation determining it by a text.

>Something ’bout Mary


Today, something ’bout Mary dawned on me.The angel delivered the mission to Mary, but the angel did not help Mary deliver the message.
I wonder if Mary had a thought like this:
“Angel, I was hoping you could accompany me as I return to my world–to help me explain the supernatural inside of me?” 
But the angel didn’t. And Mary continued her mission, alone.
And as history is writing our story, we often experience the same thing. God gives us a supernatural, almost outlandish mission.
Yet we find ourselves returning to our worlds to explain it, to obey it…alone.
The world might laugh. Our peers might jeer. And we might think:
“But God, I can’t…” “God, how will I….?” “God, they’ll never believe me….”What was it about Mary? It was her F-A-I-T-H 
God gives us supernatural missions because He is the great Supernatural-Provider in each of us.

Just ask Mary.

>Christmas Miscellaneous

1. Hum…my kids in the front row, singing as loud as they can….but where, oh, where do they get such instincts?   

2. Christmas Nativities, Lights & Trains, oh my!                                                                                                             
3. At DJs Christmas service, there was an invitation to go forward and put your sticker on the present to symbolize the gift of Jesus coming into your heart….this emotionally and spiritually blessed me…


4. This is my family. I am breathlessly grateful that God would not only let me have HIS Son in my heart…but these guys in my life.

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