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I Had to Learn to Encourage Myself

When we choose solitude it is a good thing (Jesus himself chose time for solitude). But sometimes life will give us seasons of un-chosen loneliness. During these seasons, you feel like “they” (whoever your “they” is) isn’t texting you, “liking” your posts, including you in group-chats, including you in the plan, or all of the above. It’s your world yet you feel like the invisible one in it. Jesus experienced this too. He had friends, family, and a following. But when He hung by nails on a cross, He was separated from it all. The bible tells us what he did in this extreme-lonely moment: he cried to God and he talked to God. If all we depend on is encouragement from “our world”–what will we do when our world isn’t there? With a mind like mine, there are seasons where people around me can’t be sources of encouragement to me. During bouts of depression or “lows,” (i.e., un-chosen loneliness) it’s forced me to look within (not around) for encouragement. Seeking encouragement from within, I discovered there was a bounty of encouragement there. A “still, small voice” reminds me that I’m God’s royalty! His heir! His favorite Heather Michelle Funk Palacios! My soul whispers to my loneliness that my Master-Artist still believes in me, His masterpiece.  When I invited Jesus into my life, He moved into my heart. You honestly can’t get ANY closer [to encourage someone] than from within their heart. I learned to encourage myself by His presence in my heart, and His promises in His book. Today, if you are in a season of unchosen loneliness, seek encouragement from within. They say it’s lonely at the top–your Savior would know…He was alone atop a cross.  He gets you. And right now, he’s ready to encourage you, from within.

Do You Have a Spirit of Heaviness?

I often troll the bible looking for mental-verses. It is the book of LIFE. It is a “double-edge sword” against thoughts of death. It is a book that–-when opened—sinks itself like treasure in your belly, NEVER to return void. It is the book that—when stored in your heart and uttered aloud—will make the enemy flee. It is a powerful mental-health remedy, and it’s free and accessible to all. So I was thrilled when I came across Isaiah 61:3 that says God can give, “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” This verse tells me that God can exchange my bouts of wet-wool-blanket heaviness for his garments of light, uplifting praise. How? By praising Him! This sounds super-spiritual, but I’m not super spiritual. If I do it, anyone can. I’ve learned praising God isn’t bound by church services or pitch-perfect voices. On a jog one morning, I passed a lady praising God while walking. Praising God is sometimes in song, sometimes at church, but it’s also when we’re driving, walking, exercising, working, crying, falling asleep, waking up, writing, praying, rueing or reflecting. It’s simply giving God props in a reverent way, from wherever we are. It’s telling Him how good He is, no matter how bad we are. It’s taking our focus off our heaviness and putting it on His holiness. If you are in a spirit of heaviness, try putting on the garment of praise. There’s nothing to lose…and a garment to gain.

First Aid for Low Confidence

Sometimes we get down because we don’t know who we are. We don’t know where we belong. We wonder why we are here. This confidence-injury needs First Aid! Let me preempt this by saying there is only one First Aid that has stood the test of time. It is the only First Aid that has sold the most “kits” of itself, the most often. It is the only First Aid you will find in every hotel room. It is the only First Aid prescribed by a Doctor who created every patient and can heal any wound. This First Aid is the bible. And it is the greatest remedy for a confidence-injury. On its “Rx Script,” it says YOU ARE…

A – Accepted, Romans 15:4, 13

B – Beautiful, Isaiah 61:10

C – Chosen, Colossians 3:12

D – Delivered, 2 Timothy 4:18

E – Empowered to obey, Philippians 2:13

F – Free, Romans 8:2

G – Granted grace, Romans 5:17, 20

H – His, Isaiah 43:1

I – Inseparable from His love, Romans 8:35

J – Joint heir, Romans 8:17

K – Kept, 1 Peter 1:5

L – Lacking no wisdom, James 1:5

M – Made alive, Ephesians 2:5

N – Not given a spirit of fear, 2 Timothy 1:7

O – Overcomer, 1 John 5:4-5

P – Purposeful, Psalm 138:8

Q – Qualified, Colossians 1:2

R – Renewed, 2 Corinthians 4:16

S – Strengthened in Him, Ephesians 3:16

T – Thought about, Psalm 139:17-18

U – Useful, Isaiah 43:7

V – Victorious, 1 Corinthians 15:57

W – Washed, sanctified, justified, 1 Corinthians 6:11

Y – Yielded to God, Romans 6:13

One Hour at a Time

There’s a wise, old saying, “one day at a time.” Which, in many seasons and situations, rings true and hopeful. However, when I’ve battled through seasons of diagnosed-depression, that adage was nearly impossible (“nearly” because with God all things are possible, Matthew 19:26). In prior seasons of depression, I’d wake up and no sooner would I open my eyes and “one day at a time” was one day too many.  Such a daunting and tiring “goal,” it almost presents itself as an excuse to stay in bed and rest. So what to do?  I put a sticky note beside my bed that says, “one hour at a time.’  Let’s say I wake up at 6:30am. When I reach for my phone to turn off my alarm, I see that sticky note. But as pangs of sadness, darkness, emptiness wake up in my head too, I’m immediately commissioned to just make it to 7:30am. “Heather, what can you do to make it to 7:30am?” That kind of rhetorical question is answered with things like: brush teeth, put contacts in, make coffee, let dogs out.  It still requires effort and energy, but not in overdrive or abundance.  Now with anything related to my mental-plight, I always try to tie it to God’s Word. Because you and I need that a million times more than personal advice and experience. This 1-minute post may stick with you for a day. God’s Word will stick with you for a lifetime. As it pertains to my “one hour at a time,” this verse really spoke to me:  “Desperate, I throw myself on you: you are my God! Hour by hour I place my days in your hand, safe from the hands out to get me.”  (Psalm 31:5) Friend, if you’re going through a depressing season, one…keep going—we walk through the valley we don’t live there! (Psalm 23:4). And two, you’re not by yourself—we’re in this together, even if we’re taking it one hour at at a time!

My Concealed Weapon

For eight years I’ve carried a concealed weapon. Concealed because it’s always in my purse; and unless you snoop around in there, you won’t know it’s there. I bought it for cheap at a local store. I don’t have a license to carry it, but I have power with it. It’s double-impacted, so it’s offensive AND defensive in its use. It’s my pocket-size notebook with handwritten verses. 🙃 I selected verses that personally speak life to me when the devil whispers, “die, quit, give-up, why bother.” The Bible says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John‬ ‭10:10‬) With this, I believe God at His word (lit. & fig.) so that’s why I started carrying this “weapon” of life. If God is life and the devil is death, then I will speak God’s words to counterattack. Why do I speak them aloud? Because of what the Bible says—and doesn’t say. Isaiah 46:9-10 says only God knows the future.  It also says, “resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James‬ ‭4:7‬); and when Jesus was resisting the devil tempting him in the wilderness, Jesus spoke aloud to him. Furthermore, there’s nothing in the Bible to indicate that Satan is omniscient. Now, I’m not weird about it—like, I don’t go around shouting verses in public. But that’s not where the devil whispers to me anyway. Most of the time, when I hear, “give up,” it’s when I’m alone. So I pull out my notebook and speak a truth to the enemy’s lying.  I recognize this is an unsophisticated tactic.  But I can’t deny it’s effect because I’m still here, God and I are winning.  I hope this encourages someone today.  If you want to know which verses I have in my “concealed weapon,” email me at heather@wondherful.com.

You Can Be a Fighter

Do we fight? Doesn’t that go against the logic that we are suppose to love? Doesn’t that contradict the adage, “turn the other cheek?” Shouldn’t Christians be nice-guys who let other guys win? All these questions have run through my head. Until one day when I came across Psalm 144:1. “Thank the Lord, my rock, who trained my hands to fight and my fingers to do battle.”  According to the Bible, do we always roll over and play dead when our marriage is on the rocks? No, we can fight and know God has prepared us—and of equal importance—He goes before us. (Deuteronomy 31:8). Do we always let our prodigal child die a slow death of addiction? No, we can fight. We can put on the boxing gloves, get into the ring and KNOW God is helping, coaching, interceding, from our corner. That weakness we have? That temptation we succumb to? Do we always accept its fate? Bow to its pretension? No, we can fight. This verse says David thanked God who PREPARED him for the battle. If God prepares us for the battle, then we can fight. Furthermore, the bible promises that we are “MORE than a conquereor,” (Romans 8) What’s “MORE than?” A battler who doesn’t surrender on battlegrounds because they fight WITH the ultimate winning Champio (“If God is for me, who can stand against me?” (Romans 8).  I may not know you, and I may not know your battle, but I know you CAN fight! I hope this encourages someone today. 💥🥊❤️

Learning to Look Thru Stained-Glass

Before I met Raul, I saw life through shattered-glass. The “why,” or “how” formulated on broken focus and jaded pieces. The cup wasn’t half-empty it was almost-gone. The grass wasn’t greener on the other side, it was brown. Life wasn’t a bowl full of cherries, it was a bowl of sour cherries. After we met, I noticed he didn’t see through the same eyes I did. Even though we’d see the same unfortunate event, he’d see it differently. Instead of seeing it through shattered glass, Raul saw it through stained glass. If you’ve ever seen historical cathedrals (like this pic I took at Sainte-Chapelle de Paris), the perfected synchronicity of prisms and colors will leave you breathless. Why does Raul see through stained-glass eyes? Because at the beginning of his faith, he took Romans 8:28, literally. He believed God at his Word that, “ALL things work together for those who love him.” Raul has taught me that if God is in it, we can look for the good in it. Not in some things, but in ALL things. God is not an exaggerator. He’s not an embellished storyteller. When God said “ALL things,” God meant All. Things. When we become a Christ-follower, we become a new creature (Ephesians 4:24) and with that, comes a new set of eyes. Raul embraced his right away! For me, it’s taken time to adust my sight to my new stain-glass(es). 👓 I know we all have eyes, but I pray we look through the stained glass of God’s promises not the shattered glass of our past.

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